My name is Maria and I’m British. I am 24 and slightly obsessed with all things Dutch.

Once upon a time some eight years ago I discovered the Netherlands and gradually fell in love with all things Dutch. Β After indulging in many little trips to and from Holland during my student days I am now in a position to fully accept and admit my undying love for the country, the culture, the food (well some of it) and their general way of life. I survived this long without speaking any of the language, it is time to pull my finger out!

When looking on the internet for blogs and guides to The Netherlands and the Dutch language I really struggled to find anything hence where my original idea for this blog came from. I do ramble on and I can’t really promise that everything I post will be all that fantastic but I started using this space to chart my learning progress and share any useful tips I learn along the way, then i began to use it as a way to introduce people to the epic-ness of the country and other odd random posts because, well…just because. You can also find my opinionated self over at The Dutch Review. Its a great source for information and tips! Check it out! I believe that opinion sharing is vital for a healthy society, I believe that everyone has an opinions (yes even the ones who say they don’t!) and I would just like this space to be somewhere we can all have a chin wag about things and be buddies.

Thank you forΒ taking the time out to read, comment and show such an interest in Dutch and the things I have to say. Life is complicated enough without sharing the love every once in a while right?!

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Lets get cracking then!

The Dutch Review


Where have I been in Holland?


11 thoughts on “Me and My Dutch…

  1. Hi Maria!
    Just stumbled across your blog and I feel like you and I may just be the same person – I too share your slightest obsession with the Netherlands and all things Dutch πŸ™‚ I lived in Utrecht from Sept-Dec last year and loved it so much that I’m moving to Amsterdam in a few weeks for an unknown period of time πŸ™‚ I am also currently learning Dutch. I’m looking forward to reading how you find your lessons (and also very excited for you to start!!)
    Veel success met jouw nederlands leren πŸ™‚
    Charlene xx

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    1. Hoi Charlene,

      Thank you for your kind comments! I’ve never found anyone else who shares such a love haha! I would love to take the plunge and go over there for a few months but I just wouldn’t know where to start! How are you finding learning Dutch? I think its so rewarding even though terrible difficult at times! Keep me posted about all of your adventures I am very jealous!!

      Take care and good luck!

      Maria xx

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      1. I’m finding it ok so far but I think it will be a different story once I actually move there again and have to interact with real Dutch people in Dutch (rather than English!!!)

        It can be a little frustrating at times but the trick is to work your way through plateaus and switching up learning methods! I love how you listen to the radio. I listen to 3fm a lot – it’s a station broadcasting from Utrecht. It’s so rewarding when I understand a word or a phrase that I didn’t know before πŸ™‚

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    1. Hoi!
      Thank you. My blog started a bit like yours not really knowing if i’ll find anything to write about but my goodness I’ve learnt i can rattle on and on and on!

      I hope your Dutch is going well! I am beginning to find a lovely little group of people who speak english as a first language but are learning Dutch, who would have thought it!


  2. I thought I was the only one with a weirdly strong love for Holland! I went on a family visit when I was 13 and my love has grown since then! I’ve also started learning dutch but I’m pretty shocking so far LOL! Ive been following you on Instagram for ages now but I look forward to reading more ☺


    1. Hi Jenny! I love your instagram!!
      I find that Dutch is an all or nothing kind of language sometimes you’ve just gotta go for it haha!
      If it weren’t for speaking to people such as yourself and others on here I would be convinced there was just little old weird me loving off the Orange Low Lands haha xx


  3. Hello I am Dutch and it always great to rread that someone loves the Netherlands so much as you do. It makes me like a very lucky guy to have the privilage to be Dutch πŸ˜‰

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