Fancy seeing you here!

In this blog I share my ramblings on about my Dutch obsession and force my options of life on to you all.

I’m a feminist and a moaner.

What is she on about?

IIMG_1428n this blog you will find my highly opinionated views on big news stories of the day, movie reviews, feminist interpretations and a few ramblings on about learning Dutch (I’ll be honest there’s a lot less of that these days). This is my take on life’s troubles and challenges as an English girl in her 20’s living on her own.

I write for a few online magazines too such as The Dutch Review and I’m finding myself turning into a general blogger rather than just the language but rest assured there is a commonality in my love for the Netherlands!

Thank you for finding this blog, be it through The Dutch Review, a general google search or via another source (my post tagging is exemplary). You presence here is welcome and most appreciated – offer up your opinion on stuff too, lets natter and be friends!


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