15th December 2014 Dutch Festive Foods

Foods you must try in AmsterdamI’ve never really spoken about Dutch foods all that much so this post will combine some classic Dutch foods I’ve tried and some typically festive dishes. I haven’t really got much to say about festive Foods to fill a post so I decided to combine some of my college food vocabulary list with my opinions. When I started planning for this post I didn’t realise how many typical Dutch foods I’ve tried. You will have tried some of these without realising they are Dutch. For those of you Dutch obsessed folk such as me…how many of these have you tried? Do you like them? Could you live off a Dutch diet?

Personally I like the majority of the Dutch foods I have tried but I do enjoy coming home to an English Roast Dinner and Breakfast food!

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10th December 2014 Christmas Songs and Phrases

Phrases. This is where I think the Dutch and the English language differ in their little phrases and nuances. For “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” the Dutch say “Prettige Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!”.

At Christmas we love to sing songs, hell I love a good old sing song any time of the year but other people are more inclined to join in in December. I love hearing Christmas carols let alone hearing them in different languages. My Christmas playlist isn’t the same without Feliz Navidad.

Here are a few classic carols in Dutch or Kerstliedjes. You can tell what they are due to our languages being so similar, they sound rather majestic too. Give them a listen and see what you think! Obviously the pop music versions are all the same, I think the entire world knows a Slade song or two but in terms of the classics every language has their version. I heard the German version of Band Aid 30 yesterday, that was interesting.

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5th December 2014 Sinterklaas

Intocht-Sinterklaas-Doetinchem_19585The Christmas festival that takes the whole of The Netherlands by storm. I’ve mentioned this briefly on my previous post but here I am going to go into more detail. There have already lots and lots of posts about it on WordPress and online but I wanted to add my two-penneth in. Traditionally the celebration run from the 1st – 5th December, Sinterklaas is aimed at the little children of the Netherlands.

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1st December 2014 Ho Ho Ho Happy December!

Happy December You Lovely People!

I love Christmas. It’s no secret! I’ve even been planning for it since October and desperate to start blogging about it- Dutch Style. As soon as the summer days start going the opposite way I’ve been all geared up for December 25! I had a terrible flu the first weekend in September and The Food Network channel had their “Christmas in September” weekend full of cooking ideas and glorious sweet treats. So I’ve been ready for this for ages. Now I can shout about it a little more and not get looked at weirdly!

Its 25 days until Christmas. I’m going to do 5 super Christmassy themed posts with this being nummer een.


  • Post Two 5th December: Sinterklaas
  • Post Three 10th December: Kerstliedjes
  • Post Four 15th December: Dutch Festive Foods
  • Post Five 20th December: New Years Eve


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