Everyday Sexism – Laura Bates

In an attempt to broaden my reading and fuel the fire to my feminist nature I picked up a new book that became not only an eye opener but changed my perspectives on so many things. I’d only ever read one feminist book prior to this one. I reviewed ‘I Call Myself a Feminist’ late last year.

Staring off as a social media project back in 2012 The Everyday Sexism Project is the first book I have ever come across that talks about real issues rather than ignoring the facts or simply overlooking what is now becoming (and has always been) an everyday occurrence for women and girls across the world. The twitter handle is still very active. I urge you to have a gander, you can find them @EverydaySexism.

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A Year in Review pt. 3 – Beauty is where you find it!

Beauty is where you find it!Sequinned hats - day3

I am by no means a beauty blogger, I couldn’t afford to do it and I don’t have the breadth of knowledge required but I am unashamedly addicted to lipstick and pretty much willing to try anything on my face! Here are my top finds from this year that pretty much provide me with my ‘every day’ make up look.

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I Call Myself a Feminist…too!

As promised I wanted to write a little review about the latest book that has taken my attention. I Call Myself a Feminist is a book of essays by 25 women under the age of 30 on what feminism means to them and how they perceive feminism along with the daily struggles they face wearing the label in every day life.

c200170bc0b2f26f0d798701a31d9b3f.jpgWhy did I buy it? I’m under 30, I’m a feminist and I couldn’t not. I’ve been a feminist all my life I think, the truth is I’ve never really identified with a specific group. I was brought up by my parents, two strong successful individuals and part of the family business for the first 13 years of my life. I’ve always been a part of the adult world and I don’t think it’s done me any harm. Growing up I was encouraged to ask questions and learn how things work, people have generally always listened to my opinions too. I see the balance of power in my house equal and I suppose naïvely I expected my life to continue this way. Then I grew up and learnt that I was one of the lucky ones.

New-Feminism.jpgEach contribution to the book resonated with me in some way and I read each essay hoping for a chance to sit in the same room with them all round the dinner table. It would be the most epic of dinner parties! I want to grab a cup of coffee with Hajar, learn more about Paris’s experiences, I want to highfive Amy and give Samira a hug. Jessica has made me stop and question my own actions and Maysa has such a fantastic view of the world.


I’ve never read a book quite like this one and its made me even more of a feminist than I already was to start with. Its a book for girls of every age to read, its a book I wish I’d read as a student too. I have trawled through this book with a pack of (flower shaped) post it notes and a (pink) highlighter and one I will read again and again. It has also inspired a few posts I plan to write on Feminism so keep an  eye out for those in the upcoming month or so.

Should you read it? Yes.

5 stars!

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A Year in Review pt. 2 –

The first part of this series had me talking about my Top 5 Movies, Books and Music of 2015 as a way to reviewing the busy year that is 2015. In this second instalment I’m going to be sharing with you my favourite photos.

Strike a Pose!

I’ve had to leave out the Christmas photos because if you’ve followed me on instagram or twitter for the last few weeks you will see my entire life has become a collage of festive photos!

Scrolling through my photo stream I think its safe to say I’ve got diverse photos!


A Year in Review pt.1 – Movies, Books and Music

December brings about it time for reflection and the incentive to look ahead to the new year. I’ve had a pretty darn good 2015 and I thought I would share with you a few of my highlights. In this post I am going to give you my Top 5 of the arts. Movies, Music and Books.

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