Day 7: Five Favourite Songs

I’m going to take a liberty now and give you my 5 Fave Dutch Songs rather than normal general songs. If you’ve not heard these before, give them a listen. They all put a smile on my face. Rather than give you five I could comfortably list 50! I’ve spoken about music many times on this blog, my favourite dutch artists, songs, personalities etc. choosing just 5 is tough.

In no particular order:

  1. Paul De Leeuw – Vogeltje Wat Zing Je Vroeg (DONT JUDGE ITS MY HAPPY SONG!)
  2. Neilson & Miss Montreal – Hoe
  3. Bløf & Neilson – Mannenharten
  4. Henk Dissel – Jij en Ik.
  5. Dotan – Home (Not in Dutch but he’s Dutch so it counts :))

10:10 – Favourite Dutch People

As April is well and truly upon us i’m feeling all springy and rather excitable. Leaves will soon be back on the trees, little flowers will be popping up here and there and everything starts to thrive.This month, twice a week, I am going to give you my top 10 on various things! Now these lists are obviously going to be Dutch related, possibly favourites or objects or songs or whatever. They are going to come to you on a Sunday and on a Wednesday. What?! Of course there are rules, we like a little organisation over here! This way I get to fuel not only my planner addictions but my Dutch ones too!

Aside from my Dutch obsession I am equally as obsessive in all aspects of my life. I am never without a couple of pens, a pack of post it notes and my filofax. They are a comfort blanket I suppose you could say an extension of my being. I’m not ashamed by it I don’t hide it. Up on the beloved Instagram I foliow lots of other planner obsessed people and I am always on the look out for a new layout to try or a new method. I discovered Bullet Journaling in Janauary and use it at work – it is a total game changer! The main planner hashtag for April is #ListersGottaList. Erm hello?! How can I not get involved.

So lets get on with: List Number One!

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My Holiday Highlights…

Holiday Highlights

In no particular order:

  • Getting complimented on my manners by the sweetest Swedish woman in an Italian restaurant. I’ve had many comments on my accent over the years, especially at university, nobody has ever pointed out how sweet I sounded!
  • Eating Frikandellen op de terrace
  • Drinking Chocomel on the sofa. Dutch hot chocolate is my most favourite hot chocolate in the world. I actually refuse to drink hot chocolate anywhere else in the world. Its just not the same!
  • Watching Dr Phil in Dutch! I’m saying no more than that, I cant watch this kind of trash tv on my television at home.
  • Dutch TV in general. I had this incredible mix of English in my head, Dutch on the TV and in the car and then Spanish in the shops.
  • Singing songs by my ultimate Dutch celebrity: Paul De Leeuw and singing “Kids Club” songs in Dutch. I have a thing for Dutch music, they sing with so much passion its incredible. Every track to me is like a Eurovision Party.
  • A week with a Dutch sense of humor. I’ve laughed that much my face hurt!
  • Finding a fully Dutch-speaking restaurant, and learning that most of the area I was staying in was owned/run by Dutch people. The menu cards where in Dutch, the staff etc. Moraira seems to be the second home for Dutch people. Its amazing how much Dutch I have been exposed to in Spain. I am starting to notice more and more connections to Dutch or the Netherlands in my everyday life, it’s the little things I have not noticed before. I suppose it’s similar to when you are buying a new car and all of a sudden it looks like everyone has the same car. There are lots of Dutch in Moraira though, more than any other nationality and at this time of the year there is more Dutch than there is Spanish!

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Dutch Disney Month

I’ve mentioned the power of children’s TV, music and stories. Now it is time to dedicate a post to Dutch Disney. In essence it is just classic disney dubbed over by different actors.

If you follow me on Twitter @mariavsmith1992 you may have seen the excited exchange of tweets between myself and the lovely Charlene (for those of you who haven’t already, you can check out her blog HERE!). I’ve written a post already about a Dutch Children’s Book Een Nieuwe Huis voor Tom and I’ve written about Dutch songs one more than one occasion, you can see my latest ones here. In short our tweets revolved around cute little nursery rhymes such as In Holland Staat Een Huis! The song is so so catchy! It is thanks to Charlene who gave me the inspiration to blog about Dutch nursery rhymes and disney songs that helped and do help me.

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