Day One of Super Geek Mode!

I’ve got 6 days till my Level 2 exam. I am doing at least an hour a day. I can’t commit to any more than that. Ages ago I dug out my old GCSE French Questions and translated them into Dutch (via the-powers-that-must-not-be-named being Google Translate). I’m going to use these for a framework of my practice. Todays practice was Huiselijk leven.

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The Power of Alternative words (Term 2, Lesson 9)

In this post I am going to be waffling about the use of alternative words in place of ones you may not already know plus giving a handy little language exam tip that has never failed me!

Generally speaking I enjoy my drive back from class. It’s a little English wind down that I really appreciate after being bombarded with conversation that I only confidently understand just over half of. On my drive back from college tonight I started thinking back at some of the notes I had made. Queue note: If you don’t know the word, just explain it.

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Term 2 Lesson 5!!


Its starting to become a habit of updating on an evening now. Last nights class was very much a tale of two halves.

Part One. Adjectives. Those pesky little description words. I have kind of covered them to death now but repetition is the key to recalling them!

I’ve jotted down 6 main sort of ‘rules’ for adjectives. Then we did 30 to really drum in the rules in practice.

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Midweek Dutch update

I decided to use my afternoon off work to catch up on my Dutch homework. I had a fair bit I wanted to cover for last week but my non-Dutch life took over!

Today I covered verb conjugations in verb table and then in sentences. I covered pronouns and choosing the correct pronoun in sentences pairing them with the right verbs.  I started to cover past participles and perfect past things but I had had enough after the first 2 hrs! I’ve got to get my work checked though, I handwrite all of my Dutch so the idea of typing it all up is a little laborious but I’ll get round to it soon enough. I haven’t called upon the assistance of my Dutch counterparts for a while so its time to tap into their expertise!

I’m back in class again tomorrow. I don’t know about you lot but I feel like the weeks are rolling round somethings silly! Are we serially nearly half y through February already? What the hell happened to January?!

Tot volgende keer schatjes!

Term 2 Lesson 4!

Goedenavond Dames en Heren,

This post is coming later than I usually like to post them. I prefer to do my class reviews the morning after but I’ve recently started a new job and I’ve been ridiculously busy this week and was working this morning. Better late than never, as we say in England!

IMG_6825Last nights class went rather well. Unlike Term 2 Lesson 3 I didn’t come away with a complete brain melt. I should probably be happy with that as it shows that I am getting on top of it but the lesson just didn’t feel like it was pushing me enough. We started off with covering different responses to “Hoe gaat het met jou?” my class is a little bit lazy and has a tendency to just reply ‘goed‘. I’ll share with you a few alternatives: ‘Het gaat goes/wel/oke’,’Het kan better’,’Het gaat niet zo goed’. 

Then we went on to forming questions. I’ve spoken about this on more than one occasions see Questions. The rule is pretty simple with forming questions:

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