Day 7: Five Favourite Songs

I’m going to take a liberty now and give you my 5 Fave Dutch Songs rather than normal general songs. If you’ve not heard these before, give them a listen. They all put a smile on my face. Rather than give you five I could comfortably list 50! I’ve spoken about music many times on this blog, my favourite dutch artists, songs, personalities etc. choosing just 5 is tough.

In no particular order:

  1. Paul De Leeuw – Vogeltje Wat Zing Je Vroeg (DONT JUDGE ITS MY HAPPY SONG!)
  2. Neilson & Miss Montreal – Hoe
  3. Bløf & Neilson – Mannenharten
  4. Henk Dissel – Jij en Ik.
  5. Dotan – Home (Not in Dutch but he’s Dutch so it counts :))

A few Dutch songs to get you pumped up on a boring Tuesday afternoon

Does anyone else find Tuesday’s boring? Its not the start of the week, its not hump day and we are miles away from the weekend. Its a bit of a non-day in my opinion. So to brighten up your none day here is a little insight into my current Dutch iTunes favourites and other songs that I am loving at the moment. I try to overlook the English ones because lets face it, I already speak English rather well (at least I’m supposed to!)

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Eurovision Update The UK Entry!!

Back in December I talked about the Dutch Eurovision entry which is Trijtntje Oosterhuis this year.  The 2015 show will be held in Vienna, Austria on the 23rd May 2015. I can’t wait!

This morning I woke up to the news that our UK entry has been selected. WOW! We never get it right in this country and thats fine, we’ve had ‘celebrities’ go up for it and proper weird freshies. They use to have a tv talent show to find the one too where there people of England get to choose but that was rubbish. Instead the last few years we’ve just been told.  Maybe thats why we never win, nobody is bothered who represents us so we don’t care. Anyway…this years entry is right up my street. I can’t work out if the song itself is any good, it is a little shit really but the video and the music is so infectious. The last time we won was in 1997 with Katrina and the Waves – ‘Love, Shine a Light‘. Now if you listen back to that now its pretty epically awful!

The song for this year is called ‘Still In Love With You’ by Electro Velvet. I think I can make such a bold claim as to say that I love it. I’ve heard it three times now and I’ve got it on whilst writing this post. My mom’s opinion was ‘its that shit its good’. My mom is never wrong. Its very Great Gatsby, 1940’s jazz, Charleston. That era of music is such a guilty pleasure  of mine, hence my infatuation with Caro Emerald. There has been a mixed reaction for this track but at the end of the day its a bit of fun, its catchy, its different, lets give it a chance! I hope when they perform it live its as jam packed as the video. I want all the dancers and the trumpets. I want the works!

Are we going to win? Probably not.

Will everyone like the song? Probably not.

Will it go down in history as one of our best ever entries? Probably not.

Do I care? Most definitely not. I really like it and wish the guys all the success!

A few reasons why I think it just might do well:

  1. The rest of the world quite like musical history and the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s genres of music. You’ve only gotta look at films and tv shows such as Great Gatsby, Bugsy Malone, Downton Abbey etc. There is an essence of magic within historical genres and you can have much more fun with it all.
  2. Its catchy. Its foot tapping. Its memorable.
  3. There’s that issue with something being that rubbish its good like those kids that are so ugly they are cute.
  4. If its directed properly on stage it will make for a great show.
  5. With lyrics such as ‘because you’re so gorgeous, you have to be cautious’ and ‘You have a fun time, you soak up that sunshine, But don’t drink too much wine…’ its a very rhyming song, therefore making the words and melody much easier to learn! Its also on the verge of being a little cringeworthy too! ‘Don’t stay out at midnight, Don’t get in a fist fight’ LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

I have readers from across the world on this blog and  as history serves our best ‘eurovision allies’ are Ireland, Switzerland, France, Austria and Belgium. I’m counting on you lot to show us the love again! Lets face it anything is better than that dreaded ‘nul point’!

So without further ado here it is. The UK Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Entry.


What do you think? What is your countries entry? Who are you looking forward to seeing perform? Or are you anti-eurovision?

Current favourites in the iTunes NL chart…

I haven’t written about my current Dutch favourites for a while so I’ve got a few here. I must say now that they aren’t all in Dutch but non of them have made it across the water to the UK yet and they all appear in the top 20 iTunes NL chart (as of Christmas week), they are all Dutch singers regardless to the language of their songs!

No2: Magic – O’G3NE

The Voice, kind of a big show here in the UK, I haven’t quite got my head around the concept yet. Personally I like to look at a person when they are singing to me and making them battle out in a makeshift studio ring just doesn’t get me excited. The Dutch however, seem to love this. The Voice of Holland is a ground breaking show for them and the Dutch people buy into it, literally. It helps that their contestants are REALLY good. All songs performed on the live shows are available to download. These contestants get into the top 10, they are played on the radio, and people know who they are without even winning. This years winner – O’G3NE (pronounced like… I haven’t got a clue. I tried to look this up had no luck! I’m going along the lines that there are 3 of them and they are sisters – 3 genes or something or probably nothing like that at all). It sounds to me like a sort of Abba meets Destiny’s Child modernized by Little Mix. They did represent The Netherlands in the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest too, they came 11 out of 17, clearly that was just a warm up for The Voice! At the end of the day its 3 absolutely gorgeously talented sisters, a blonde and redhead and a brunette, all of which can sing and just ooze sassiness and came first in December 2014. Maybe the new Power Girl Group of The Netherlands? I wonder if there is an opening for an extra member/honorary sister?

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Christmas Break Revision

Over the festive season my Dutch practice has indeed slipped, like that wasn’t expected! Its holiday time and I have been enjoying some very splendid family time. Everyone has that confusing dead week in between Christmas and New Year when nobody knows what the actual day is and you can’t quite stop eating the small mountain of Christmas chocolates and biscuits. I can definitely resonate with the “What did you get for Christmas? I got fat!” mantra. Anyway aside from my expanding waistline I’m here to talk about all things Dutch. holiday-fat-weight-gain-eat-christmas-season-ecards-someecards

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