Super Geek Mode continues – Starting to talk to myself now!

Upping the practice again this weekend. In a bid to outthink and over prepare for next Wednesday’s lesson I have again been practicing by conversing with myself. I walked to work this morning and quite comfortably managed to have a fully Dutch conversation with myself. Apologies to the old guy walking his dog behind me who now knows, if he understand my garbled Dutch, my plans for this weekend.

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Day One of Super Geek Mode!

I’ve got 6 days till my Level 2 exam. I am doing at least an hour a day. I can’t commit to any more than that. Ages ago I dug out my old GCSE French Questions and translated them into Dutch (via the-powers-that-must-not-be-named being Google Translate). I’m going to use these for a framework of my practice. Todays practice was Huiselijk leven.

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The Power of Alternative words (Term 2, Lesson 9)

In this post I am going to be waffling about the use of alternative words in place of ones you may not already know plus giving a handy little language exam tip that has never failed me!

Generally speaking I enjoy my drive back from class. It’s a little English wind down that I really appreciate after being bombarded with conversation that I only confidently understand just over half of. On my drive back from college tonight I started thinking back at some of the notes I had made. Queue note: If you don’t know the word, just explain it.

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Tuesday Chatter!

Hello, hello, hello!

The sun is out here. They air is clear, the sky is super blue and the birds are singing. Its a very ‘Spring’ morning. Saturday was similar. It was the first time I managed to sit outside in the garden without freezing my bits off!

Garden Pano

So todays post is going to be about…erm…I’m not too sure. I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging every day like I used to so I’m planning on jumping back into it. If you start typing the post will come…

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Term 2 Lesson 7!


Ik heb niet een post schrijven voor een maand in het Nederlands daarom het post vandaag is een les review en het is geschreven in het Nederlands ook!

Gisteravond de les was leuk. Het was erg praktisch. Wij oefenden een supermarkt, een restaurant, en het kopen treinkaartjes. Wij hadden ook een generaal conversatie,  veel praten met allemaal in de class.  Heir is een voorbeeld:

Naar de supermarkt

Ik ga naar de supermarkt en ik koop…

melk, rode wijn, edammer kaas, spruitjes, rundvlees enz.

Hoe kan ik u helpen? Wat wilt u kopen?

Hallo. Ik wil graag…kopen.

Hoeveel kost dit?

Heeft u iets goedkopers? Want dit is te duur.

Kan ik met mijn pin pas betalen?


Het was een leuke les!


p.s. I found this brilliant article on definitely worth a read! 11 things Dutch shopkeepers will say to you!