A little research…Learning A New Language

In a post on the 4th January: Dutch is full of ‘historical junk’ says expert I mentioned some research I was doing about people learning a second language. Spreekt jij een andere taal? Do you have 5 minutes to share your views? I would really appreciate any input you could offer. Whether you are learning Dutch, English, Spanish or Somalian I would love to hear from you!  It is super quick and easy, you can complete the form below or go to this link.  Thank you in advance! Dank u voor uw hulp! 


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Exam Script and Holiday Revision Plans

After going through everything it occurred to me that I didn’t post my exam piece for my Dutch course. So in this post I’m going to do just that. I’m not going to share all of the photos I used become some of them are quite personal but the majority are just scenic and I can’t not show you.

I wanted to mention as well at just how useful my studying was before i started the course. Yes I moaned when I first started it and it was slow and a bit rubbish (I read through some of my earlier posts whilst recapping all of the course material) but without doing all the work before hand this course would have been too much. There is a guy on my course who said as much. We are moving through the language so quickly there isn’t much time to dwell on some points. I’ve always been a bit of a geek and been, arguable, over prepared for EVERYTHING but I’m not ashamed of that. I’ve worked bloody hard and I don’t intend to give that up any time soon!

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Collating 5 months worth of Dutch Language Studies

IMG_0001Over the last 5 months I have tried so many different methods and have amassed a standard ring binder full of paperwork from my course, my personal studies before hand along with the little practices from here and there. I spent 2 hours this week compiling everything and cross referencing everything. It wasn’t an easy task and I still don’t think it’s the best system but hey ho! I thought I would share my new system with you and my plans for the revision of it all. I’ve got 3 weeks until Level 2 starts, taking out all of the days missed due to christmas frivolities and the recovery of such events that is more than enough time to recap everything.

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Articles, Nouns and Questions…

Finally a day behind schedule I have finished my “theory” chapters. I have finished it on three topics I should probably have started with but i stand by the idea of throwing yourself into the depend makes you excited enough to put up with two weeks worth of boring and intense theory work!! I can’t say its time to throw the theory book away and I am no where near an expert but now I’ve created my own little theory catalogue of the key rules I can and will refer to them as and when i need them. So here is my little take on the last step. Articles, Nouns and Questions.

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My apologies for not having a post up yesterday I have had to cover Conjunctions in two sitting because I’ve found it pretty intense. My tardiness hasn’t helped with having to babysit my poorly westie!! Enough of excuses.

Conjunctions Conjunctions Conjunctions. We band them about in English like nobodies business, and this, and that etc. This is where my little English grammar lesson came in handy as yet again there are 2 different types of conjunctions. I shall talk about both rather briefly.

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