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Paris 2013

Memories of Paris 2013. The city of love that stole my heart!


Migration: The Domino Effect

It’s been discussed in the news today that increased security on the Calais border would lead a domino effect on other routes into the UK. Littering our media and press at the moment is the migrant crisis in France of people trying to get across the boarder into the UK. What they are hoping to get over here is beyond me, nobody wants them here. We are an island at risk of sinking!

The issues in Calais are shocking, disturbing and many times very upsetting. Every channel is reporting on it, every newspaper printing it and Facebook and twitter are alive with people voicing their opinions over what should or could be done to deal with the situation.


There are a number of routes into the UK from Europe, Calais is not the only one so it begs the question as to if you stop them entry one way they will find another- hence the Domino Effect. At risk now is the carousel immigration route via Hook Van Holland, a popular Dutch port in which tourists and cargo can pass from mainland europe across to the UK, reports in 2014 claimed an increase in illegal activity. UK Immigrations Officer James Brokenshire is heading to the Netherlands to discuss increasing security at all ports on the east of Europe to maintain the security of the boarder. The Dutch port has been a target for illegal migration for a while.

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Should prostitution be criminalised? – No bad women just bad laws.

Opinion is divided across the world with regards to the criminalisation of prostitution. In The Netherlands it is legalised and regulated whereas in the UK it is illegal. Now you’re not going to find an article anywhere online condoning prostitution. Trust me, I’ve looked for them, and this isn’t what this post is going to try and do. I’m not suggesting that prostitution is a career move to consider or any part of a persons ‘life plan’. What I am going to question in this post is the morality of prostitution. Does society still need to frown upon it to the extent it has done in the past? Are we more desensatised to sex than ever before? Can you genuinely argue the case for prostitution as a business? Why will there forever be an divide in opinion, is this generational, cultural or individual?

Europe has very different viewpoint and here on this blog you know how much I like to explore the big arguments of the day:

Is regulated prostitution really a bad thing?

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Eurovision: Sweden 2016

The Morning After The Night Before…

Congratulations Sweden! Grattis Sverige! Måns Zelmerlöw took the crown, on the shows 60th Birthday, with his song Heroes. The song is great. Måns is a Swedish God which obviously had no impact in the scoring at all 😉 ! The staging for his performance was one of the cleverest of the night. Working to a black digital background he interacted with an army of stick men, had wings of a butterfly and got wet in digital rain. It was a brilliant performance. A worthy winner.

My Top 5 of the night where as follows (in any order).

  • Italy #03
  • Sweden #01
  • Norway #08
  • Hungry #20
  • Russia #02

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 13.41.17Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 13.43.52

What was GREAT

  • Every song was good. I’d happily have the album in the car,
  • The theme of building bridges really worked.
  • Conchita Wurst who won it last year looked amazing! I couldn’t work out what I was looking at as to whether I thought she was hot or attractive. It did confuse me slightly – especially in that black cat suit…wow!
  • There was a good mix of solos, duets and bands, even a few playing actual instruments!
  • There was, of course, tons of dodgy choreography!
  • The Graham Norton one-liners “Even in 2015 it’s like there’s a tin can and string connecting us to some of these countries.”

What was MISSING

  • It wasn’t very european. It wasn’t very cheesy. There was only 4/27 countries that actually sang in their mother tongue (discounting the UK and Australia).
  • There was no roller blading violinists wearing wings. Or any form of fancy dress really. I look forward to that every year. It was a little too serious this year.
  • Nobody crashed the stage.
  • The Netherlands – Obviously
  • Ireland. I missed the dulcet tones of the Irish. It was a shame they never made it through.

As my last Eurovision 2015 post I’m going to share a few opinions I had on the nights performances in the order they performed.

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