Twelve Days of Christmas – Childhood Christmas Present

I happen to think that I had one of the best childhoods growing up in the 90s. It was before the technology revolution where xboxes and iPads became all then rage, telefon-sony-ericsson-ph388-sosnowiec-75418352toys where toys. I had meccano, barbies, books, my first mobile phone (a sony ericsson ph388 with an areal might i add! I even had the case thats on the photo too!). Most of my childhood presents would be over looked or laughed at nowadays by ‘the youth of today’ – i’m actually turning into my grandad coming out with lines like that!

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Day 19: Favourite Movie.

Now this is definitely a tough one.

Fave Disney Movie: Pocahontas and Marry Poppins, Lion King.


Fave Action Movie: I love James Bond films or anything with Jason Statham in.


Fave Sci-Fi: Marvel Movies – more specifically anything with Wolverine in! Mmm sideburns!


The End Of Dutch Disney Month 2014

To celebrate the end of Dutch Disney Month  and for those of you that don’t follow me on twitter I thought I would share with you the videos and choices throughout the month. In my post at the start of the month I spoke of how important music is with learning and how good the people at Disney are in making all of the songs in every language. Charlene and I have tweeted a new well known Disney song near enough every day or at least a good many each week. Here are some of our selections and some of my favourites.

FROZEN: Zullen wij een sneeuwpop maken? :

I think everyone loves Frozen at the moment. Translating the word “Snowman” into “Sneeuwpop” automatically makes it a winner for me! This song is super cute and definitely a modern Disney classic. Its hard to sing it in English now!

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Lesson 6!

This lesson was intense but it was the kind of lesson that when I final got around to looking at the clock we only had 20 minutes left!

The vocabulary text for this week was called Het Dwergensprookje – The dwarves fairytale (dwergen – dwarves, sprookje – fairytale). Our tutor had made up a cute little story and written some comprehensive questions to go with it. I like comprehension texts I really do. This text was tough though! Lots and Lots of new vocabulary and translations which are down to interpretation as they don’t make sense when translated literally. I’ve attached this exercise separately as there really is a lot in it, it’s a proper brain twister! In my little study group we got through it rather well and I must admit that afterwards it didn’t actually seem all that difficult. One of the tasks is to translate the whole text, I think I’m going to treat that as an extra recap over the weekend. I haven’t blogged much this week because I have been super busy but I am planning to have lots of stuff up over the next 5 weeks or so up to Christmas.

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Dutch Disney Month

I’ve mentioned the power of children’s TV, music and stories. Now it is time to dedicate a post to Dutch Disney. In essence it is just classic disney dubbed over by different actors.

If you follow me on Twitter @mariavsmith1992 you may have seen the excited exchange of tweets between myself and the lovely Charlene (for those of you who haven’t already, you can check out her blog HERE!). I’ve written a post already about a Dutch Children’s Book Een Nieuwe Huis voor Tom and I’ve written about Dutch songs one more than one occasion, you can see my latest ones here. In short our tweets revolved around cute little nursery rhymes such as In Holland Staat Een Huis! The song is so so catchy! It is thanks to Charlene who gave me the inspiration to blog about Dutch nursery rhymes and disney songs that helped and do help me.

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