My last little trip

My time in the Netherlands was all too fleeting. 5 days felt like nothing more than a weekend and with lots to fit in there was never a dull moment. My host family had me covered with everything from a cozy night sleep to sampling new foods. After an 8 year semi-dutch adoption I thought there was very little I hadn’t tried or had managed to sneakily avoid but even now my trip was filled with new experiences.

To bring you all along for the journey my Dutch Guide and I penned a few little reviews of our eateries. You can find those here:


My new experiences this time included seeing the inside of a working windmill. You can read all about that here.

Shopping for Dutch real-estate took my snooping to a whole new level. The subtle yet distinctive differences were a real treat to see. img-20160928-wa0019

Also my first experience of cycling – spoiler alert – it involved a lot of screaming, a near miss with the a hedge and a very sore bottom for a few days afterwards. You can read all about that by clicking on the picture and see various other pictures where I do not look quite as chic as the Klompenmeijses lead me to believe.

Leaving the Netherlands is always pretty shit. Once I pass through customs and wave my family behind for the last time I can’t help but shed a little tear. Brexit or no Brexit the Netherlands will always have a special place in my heart for as long as they are happy to have me in their country. I have even considered offering to do the negotiating on behalf of the UK with King Willem et al., I think we could reach a happy medium and it would give me an excuse to make the Netherlands my temporary home once again.

I will be back soon, I miss you already and I am most grateful for always feeling so welcome by every single person I meet on my travels.

Tot ziens my friends, tot zeins! 


I (don’t) want to ride my bicycle!

Ok so the title is a lie. I am far from a bicycle or indeed a cyclist. In fact I was pretty shit at it. After 8 years of trips to the Netherlands I have comfortably avoided all contact with bicycles and peddle power – I was quite proud…until now.

Let me talk you through the emotions, pains and fears of climbing on two wheels in a country who do so everyday with such elegance and style.

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Peddling with Passion – The Dutch now say that cycling improves your sex life!

So from peddling to passion, sweating to seduction getting on two wheels has many more benefits than helping you to just conquer the daily commute. Another reason why cycling like the Dutch is a habit we all need to adopt.

Not only does cycling help you to keep trim but it turns out its good for your sex life too! (Minus the chaffing – there’s nothing sexy about that!)

With more bicycles than residents across The Netherlands major cities see almost 70% of all journeys made on two wheels. People who are cycling to and from work as opposed to the commute by car or train are apparently having better sex.

A survey showed that people who cycle to work in the Netherlands are indeed happier and their sex life is better since adopting peddle power.

World Naked Bike Ride Toronto
Cycling with clothes on is more advisable than doing it in the buff like these Toronto protestors! 

Now cycling and sex may not have a direct correlated link for some people but I thought I would try and through some light on what other factors might be contributing to this finding.

  1. Cycling like many cardio sports allows the mind to settle and cuts oneself off from the worries of daily life (bar the stress of traffic and the sweaty state you end up in. Those worries are still real.) The less work stress you take home equals a better home atmosphere with friends and loved ones and more desire for passion in the sheet.
  2. Exercise increases stamina which in turn increases…you get the picture.
  3. Biking is a great form of exercise, exercise increases body confidence which makes getting saucy a little less daunting.
  4. Cycling is good on your joints, reducing wear and tear in ones exercise regime gives more scope for extra curricular activities.

Whether you don your helmet and take to the pavements or not, if you needed an excuse to oil your chain and get that heart rate up this is as good as any.

5 Things I Miss About the Netherlands

It’s sad but it’s true. I haven’t been to Holland for 12 months and 31 days. Not that I am counting or in any way sad about this…yeah not half.

I thought given my recent silence I would ease back in to blogging with 5 Things I Miss About The Netherlands.

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Heb je al een fiets?

The intermediate sections is ridiculously upper level for me! The topics are obvious topics, like this one, “Heb je al een fiets?” but in a much more detail. Now I know this is obviously going to be the case and conversations will contain much more than “Dit is sen boek. Debicycle boek is blauw

Learning this way really does help with expanding the vocabulary and learning useful little sentences such as:

Ik sta nog steeds liever in de file – I would rather get stuck in traffic. (Definitely a useful one for living in the UK!)

Ik maak me wel een beetje zorgen om je – I do feel worried about you quite a bit.

Je moet ook wat ontspannen – You must relax

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