Updated Vocabulary List

So today is Wednesday again (kudos for pointing out the obvious Maria!) which means its take two on the Dutch class. Fingers crossed the tutor turns up today! I decided to go over my vocab list and add the new stuff from the last couple of days because I haven’t updated it much. I’ve got 283 words/phrases on my vocab list and managed to do quiet well (I think I did anyway) I got 52 wrong. Looking back at the answers some of them I know but just couldn’t remember at the time and some are just new words I haven’t been exposed to for very long. I’ve decided to share my list of tricky words with you all.

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Whistle While You Work!

So today when I looked at the Dutch section that was planned for today and I didn’t really fancy it and in all honesty it just looked super hard and I haven’t got much attention for it today. So instead of doing “Gefeliciteerd met je vriendin!” (that will come later on this week) I decided to do some translating of my favourite Dutch songs. I’ve talked about the Dutch artists I love in a previous post and as a way to lift my spirits I thought I’d have a listen and translate them. I’ve always been quite musical and can pick up music and lyrics pretty swiftly therefore it makes sense to try and use this method of recall to songs. It had also occurred to me that I had favourite songs off the album “Zo Van Ah Yeah” but didn’t actually know what they meant. Win win all round I  say, a bit of music on in the background and some dutch translation it all comes together quiet nicely, utilises all of the senses so to speak. This album was out in 2013 and are technically his “old” songs because he has new ones out but everyone loves an oldie!

My two favourites I am going to talk about today are; Als Ik Naar Je Kijk – When I look at You and Beauty en de Brains – Beauty and the Brains. (For anyone interested they are numbers 1 and 3 on the album). I thought it better to pick two rather than waffle on about all 13 because lets face it I could, but that would just be boring for you all.

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Yep I am behind the times and nearly everyone had heard of it or was using it long before me! I heard about it from CIMG_5609harlene who is self teaching Dutch whilst living in Amsterdam.


I finally got round to downloading it and my goodness its colourful and uber modern. Definitely smartphone friIMG_5612endly but apparently there is a website for computers too (I haven’t used that). I started off doing to “level checker” which is supposedly quit and intelligent and interactive game which asked questions depending on the level of the previous question for example if you get the easy questions right they will increase the level until you cant do it thus determining your starting level. Now I don’t think I was paying much attention at this point and was very much feeling my feet. Imagine the shock when the cute little owl popped up saying it was unable to determine my level! After I got over that I set it to 25 minutes a day.

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Review: Audio Courses

In this post I am going to talk about my experience with a CD Language Course. It is a little naughty of me to review it at this stage as I have only looked at the first month and it became one of those things that I stopped bothering with and I really lost the motivation for it. This isn’t because the course is bad in fact far from. I covered the first month following the book to the letter and the minimal dutch i know now is largely due to that course.

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