Alles wat ik wil voor Kerstmis is dat je!

Over on the Dutch Review I have shared my ultimate Dutch Christmas Song Playlist. Its harder than it looks to find Christmas tunes that aren’t in English but I’ve come up with 5 favourites to get you in the spirit for festive cheer and other office party based frivolities.

So move over Mariah! Bog off Bing Crosby! Sayonara Shakin’ Stevens! Piss off the Pogues. Copping off in the stationary cupboard or photocopying various body parts is still optional at your Office Christmas Party but here are some of my favourites that you should have on your playlist.  

So crack out the Advocaat and fill your face with Kerstkransjes  and let’s get this party started!

 5. Kling klokje klingelingeling


A children’s song that is as catchy as it is angelic. ‘Klingelingeling’ translating to ‘bell ringing’ in English is a song about a clock counting down to Christmas. Loved by the masses and sang by 5 year olds everywhere Kling Klokke Klingelingeling comes in at Nummer 5!


4. Marco Borsato – Kerstmis


There is magic, there is fake snow, there is Marco. Such a powerfully festive recipe right there. It’s a feel good movie song and they basicailly shout Christmas on nearly every other line of the song and I am totally fine with that.


3. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig & Katja – Ho Ho Ho


Get that grove on and feel Hip this festive season. Think The Fresh Prince, its 90s Hip Hop style and who doesn’t love a bit of rap every now and then?! Get those shoulders bouncing and be a Kerstballer with the rest of us! Ho Ho Ho is my nummer 3.

2. Nick & Simon – Vrolijk Kerstfeest


They are sickly sweet and devilishly handsome Nick en Simon always make it on to any of my Dutch singers’ lists. . This countrified tune will have your foot tapping and hips swaying from the intro. Be it the bells or just the tune Vrolijk Kerstfeest has got me right in the mood and comes in at nummer 2!

 1. De Toppers met Een heel gelukkig kerstfeest!


One of the first Dutch Christmas Songs I ever heard and learnt. It’s a tune that never leaves me throughout the Christmas period and the video to this one from Toppers is like the most cliché Christmas party ever. I hope my attempt at hosting family this Christmas plays out like this! That’s why Een heel gelukkig Kerstfeest just has to be my nummer 1!



To sing us out I’m going to leave you with the Helemaal Hollands’ Kerstmedley which has all of your favourite tacky Christmas songs to get you in the spirit of Christmas and have you dancing round like a buffoon in a festive sweater. I could have left you with the fabulous Simone Kleinsma’s Kerstmedley   but that felt far too sophisticated.



To the Critical Care Team at QEHB

There are very few occasions in life when the words ‘thank you’ do not scratch the surface of the immense gratitude you wish to express. In this case, it is for the hard work, support and skill the Critical Care Team at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham shared with me and my family.

It isn’t until you find yourself in the need of Critical Care that you even begin to understand or appreciate the abilities of those who work the wards there and serve the needs of people at their sickest and their families. It is hard to understand the fragility of life and see the immense knowledge, expertise and skills required to rebuild a body to full health until you see it done for someone you love.

Many people; staff nurses, sisters, charge nurses, doctors, auxiliaries, surgeons and consultants looked after my dad in his hours and days of need and it would be a sight to see everyone who has helped him lined up side by side. From the day shift, to the night shift and from one handover to another each member of the team performed their own little miracle in nursing Dad back to health.You all do this day in day out for the benefit of strangers. It is an outstanding job that you all do and thats why just saying ‘thank you’ will never ever be enough but I feel it is a good place to start.

Thank you – for talking to us and explaining how things work (more than once!)

Thank you – for making us take that extra comfort brake and giving in to the sugary pull of a hot chocolate.

Thank you – for the cups of tea, even those we may not have even sipped.

Thank you – for calming our fears and keeping our minds focused.

Thank you – for the blankets and the patience when we were too scared to leave the hospital.

Thank you for saving my Dads life and supporting us in our darkest days.


Old people dying for a bit of company

Dominating the news as of late across Holland is Euthanasia. The Dutch Government want to amend the current euthanasia law so that elderly people who think they have completed their lives, may end that life. A nice sentiment but one that comes with more than just a loaded gun. The sad news of parliamentarian Frans Jozef van der Heijden and his wife Connie’s joint suicide is more than a statement of will and whether you are for or against euthanasia it is an option taken up mostly by old people. With loneliness sighted as one of the leading reasons for self-chosen end of life the Dutch have looked at ways to tackle the problem.

If you were stuck for another way in which the Dutch have the right idea then allow me to add to your list. How many times have you visited your Gran or Grandad in the last month? Taken a coffee with Oma or talked politics with Opa this week? Well fear not, for they may have replaced you with a student.

As seen on the 

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Hate Preachers – Why cant they just leave people alone?!

The citizens of the world have judged one another since the dawn of time – intolerance, extremism and disillusion isn’t new. Us millennials (ha! i’m so categorising myself here even tho I am at least 10 years past that grouping!) are more tolerant of others, we open up more, we don’t view people by their physical limitations, their gender binaries or their religious beliefs, its just not what people in my world do but that doesn’t mean its not out there.

Hate Preaching comes in many forms from religion to sexual orientations and recently I watched a documentary on US Preachers who are against homosexuality. Naturally I wanted to share my views on this with one main question How can preaching hate ever bring about harmony? 

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Girl UP!

girlup2_glamour_18apr16_pr_b_640x640I picked up the copy of Girl Up from the airport recently and was met with the cashier shouting “Girl Power!” with a air punch followed by the best review you’d ever want in a book store “We love this book in here. You are going to really enjoy it!” – Now I’m sure they say that to all the books but this really felt sincere. Lets face it, who wouldn’t love a book that promises feminist limericks, colour-by-numbers genitalia and dancing vaginas (hence my featured image of choice!)

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