Day 29//Day 30: A Confession and the future of my blog…

Well I think the most obvious confession I can make is that blogging every day for 30 days has been bloody hard! I have posted something for every day but not to the planned schedule. Never mind! We have reached the end of the challenge now thank goodness.

I am currently on holiday in a very densely Dutch populated area of Spain, staying in a Dutch-owned villa. Erm Hello Inspiration! Keep your eyes peeled folks we are talking supermarket shopping, my dads attempt at watching dutch TV, spotting the Dutch on a beach (in series to The Flying Dutch Man – Sport the Dutch in a crowded English Airport), oh and theres Dutch vogue. But talking longer term I hope to and plan to continue blogging as long as you continue reading.

Tot ziens!


Day 28: My most embarrassing moment

This is one for the girls to relate to rather than the boys I’m afraid. Rather than have a list of embracing moments I only really have one to mind. I like to think that I am pretty hard to embarrass if I’m being honest.

My most hilariously embarrassing moment happened in Jersey. An island off France owned by the UK. Its a perfect mix of feeling foreign aka the street names are in french but English is that every is and speaks english and you pay using the English pound.

So I’m there on Easter break about 4 years ago now in they quaint little B&B. I return from a busy day of shopping and sitting on the beach wall over looking the sea and all things quintessential for a Brit abroad when I enter the list with this most beautifulest French man I have EVER clapped eyes on. Like seriously gorgeous. So I’m trying to look cool, tousling my hair, breathing in so that I look thinner and my boobs a little bigger when I go into my handbag for my room key.

This would have been less embarrasing from the Daily Mail
This would have been less embarrasing from the Daily Mail

This is where I start to feel like I am on candid camera or part of some TV advert. Out I pulled the room key with such sophistication as I threw a tampon at Mr France. It hit the floor with a mighty thud and rolled along the vinyl to his sandal. Now either in that split second I turned into the new face of Tampax or there is some tv show laughing at my expense or what. I was mortified but at the same time I burst out laughing, he laughed, I turned the same shade of red as my lipstick and he got out of the lift. Was it his floor? I don’t know. Perhaps he was just too embarrassed to be in such a small box with a woman throwing sanitary towels at strange handsome men.

Tip: Keep you sanitary products in a wallet or zipped pocket away from keys!

Hilarious TV gold!

Day 27: Whats in my closet (or Tips for packing your hand luggage for a short haul flight!)

IMG_8218Whats in my closet nobody is bothered about whats in my closet, I’m not even bothered about whats in it so in homage to my impending holiday I am going to share with you all my necessities for a short haul european flight and a few tips for successful inflight entertainment.

Firstly, and most importantly, PASSPORT and MONEY. I am fully of the belief that if you have those two you can buy anything else.
My top tips for a short haul flight.

  • Have everything easy to get to. There are pockets inside your bag for a reason. Use them! Not necessarily for their intended purpose either so be creative. For example; ‘mobile phone sleeve’ aka lipstick and hand cream pocket. ‘zip pocket’ aka sweetie holder and passport protector you’ll need access to this on a few occasions, I hate being stuck behind someone who ‘cant find it’.
  • Take what you plan to use. Be realistic. If you’ve got a 1hr
    flight don’t pack 3 epic novels, your iPod and magazine and a cross stitch. Chances are you won’t look at anything bar one. Keep the magazine for the sun lounger and be mindful when choosing which book to pack and which one to carry.
  • Take your most valuable items on board. I’ve never been unfortunate enough to have my luggage go missing (famous last words) but the last thing you want is for you jewellary or your macbook to go to a different airport. How do you blog about your epic travel disaster if yor laptop is in Cyprus and you are in Germany?!
  • Know the details of your flight. If you are flying KLM there will be a drink and snack given to you on board therefore theres no need to
    do that mad dash into Boots for a meal deal ahead of the flight for anything more than a bottle of water (note: the best deal for water in airports always comes in the ‘buy two’ formation, not lone traveller friendly!). If you need to buy food on board make sure your purse is accessible. Nobody likes behind held up my some plonker repacking their entire hand luggage trying to find some cash, plus it will save you from the heart attack that someone has stolen it.
  • Make sure everything is charged! Best tip if taking electronics, don’t forget your chargers and make sure you always fly full of juice. If you plan to doze of midflight to the dulcet tones of Adelle and your iPod dies midway through Hometown Glory, you will be gutted!

If you’re jetting off anywhere to enjoy the last few weeks before the hard work towards the ‘Man-in-a-big-red suit’ or ‘he who shall not be named until the end of November’ have a wonderful holiday and I hope these little tips help make your onward journey run a little smoother.

Day 26: Hidden Talent

So I’m on the downward spiral of my 30 days of blogging now and I’m a few posts behind. I am endeavouring to catch up but this one has got me stumped.

My hidden talent…I don’t know as to if i have one or not. Erm…can I come back to this?!

Day 25: My biggest regret…

I don’t feel old enough to sit here and talk like “oh back when I was child…” yada yada yada, but what I can say is there are moment where I regret not moving away for university. I can’t say that I feel like that all of the time but when I think about my hopes of some day moving to The Netherlands I can’t help but think about what an incredible opportunity it would have been to done it as a student.

Why then and not now? I hear you ask. Student life abroad is anything from 1 to 3 years. There is a protection of student life that comes in the form of having a purpose, accommodation and the support of being a ‘learning foreigner’. I didn’t take this leap as back in 2010 when I was making my education choices I didn’t know what I wanted with my life, I didn’t have the love for the Netherlands that I do now and I didn’t have the confidence I do now. I think that all comes with age and that is most definitely something that has strengthened in me over time. 5 years on I now have responsibilities, a job and savings for my own home. So not only did I missed the first and possibly the best opportunity, I’m not at the stage of my life when I can’t afford to take the risk.

I loved my degree and my university, I genuinely didn’t want to go anywhere else other than The University of Birmingham but I can’t help but wonder what It would have been like to have studied in The Netherlands.