To the Critical Care Team at QEHB

There are very few occasions in life when the words ‘thank you’ do not scratch the surface of the immense gratitude you wish to express. In this case, it is for the hard work, support and skill the Critical Care Team at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham shared with me and my family.

It isn’t until you find yourself in the need of Critical Care that you even begin to understand or appreciate the abilities of those who work the wards there and serve the needs of people at their sickest and their families. It is hard to understand the fragility of life and see the immense knowledge, expertise and skills required to rebuild a body to full health until you see it done for someone you love.

Many people; staff nurses, sisters, charge nurses, doctors, auxiliaries, surgeons and consultants looked after my dad in his hours and days of need and it would be a sight to see everyone who has helped him lined up side by side. From the day shift, to the night shift and from one handover to another each member of the team performed their own little miracle in nursing Dad back to health.You all do this day in day out for the benefit of strangers. It is an outstanding job that you all do and thats why just saying ‘thank you’ will never ever be enough but I feel it is a good place to start.

Thank you – for talking to us and explaining how things work (more than once!)

Thank you – for making us take that extra comfort brake and giving in to the sugary pull of a hot chocolate.

Thank you – for the cups of tea, even those we may not have even sipped.

Thank you – for calming our fears and keeping our minds focused.

Thank you – for the blankets and the patience when we were too scared to leave the hospital.

Thank you for saving my Dads life and supporting us in our darkest days.



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