Hate Preachers – Why cant they just leave people alone?!

The citizens of the world have judged one another since the dawn of time – intolerance, extremism and disillusion isn’t new. Us millennials (ha! i’m so categorising myself here even tho I am at least 10 years past that grouping!) are more tolerant of others, we open up more, we don’t view people by their physical limitations, their gender binaries or their religious beliefs, its just not what people in my world do but that doesn’t mean its not out there.

Hate Preaching comes in many forms from religion to sexual orientations and recently I watched a documentary on US Preachers who are against homosexuality. Naturally I wanted to share my views on this with one main question How can preaching hate ever bring about harmony? 

Most recently in the Netherlands anti-gay leaflets have been circulated, an increase in homophobic attacks and all manner of things have been back on the front pages and for a liberal and what is perceived to be a very open minded country this saddens me and shows us that the problem really is still there.

biosymbols001An infamous Hate Preacher in the US on a documentary I watched recently branded ‘LGBT’, not as the acronym intended, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender but as ‘Let God Burn Them’. Sickened by this attitude I cant help but call these people out and ask if your god was so loving and accepting why is there this hatred of people’s life choices?

Whatever your religion, ‘God’ made the world to be a happy place right? So who is God to judge what makes others happy if its not imposed on them?

This same American twat condones suicide for homosexuals – this extreme homophobia is abhorrent – what kind of a christian believes that repentant by suicide is the only option? What kind of christian believes that loving a person of the same sex is something of which to repent for? It is such a polarised view from a group who are so against other peoples happiness. They are nuts.  But we see their numbers growing, their following expanding and we are even seeing a man who shares their views taking a run for President of America.

1024px-symmetric_religious_symbols-svgI’m not deeply religious, I would never pretend to be – if I’m honest I’m only in it for the festivals and the music at Christmas but my church and the religious folk I know accept me for a) being a woman and b) making my own life choices. I like to think that my church, my ‘god’, would only want the best for me and support the choices I make in my life for only I am ultimately responsible for them. Murder is a sin – the taking of another persons life is to be condemned by society and the church but condemning a woman for loving another woman or a man for loving another man for me is just ridiculous. In my upbringing at a Church of England school we were taught to love thy neighbour, be kind to others, be patient, be loving and although I am not an active practicing christian i still carry these values with me every single day.

How can preaching hate ever bring about harmony?  When did our acceptance of difference become so problematic?


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