5 Things I will always love about the Netherlands

As a fan of a good old list I took the liberty of picking just 5 things that make me keep coming back for more.

  1. c175The love for diverse European music. Be it on the radio or Spotify the diversity of the playlists in and across The Netherlands is richer with culture than ours here. From French hip-hop to latin grooves, English ballads and Dutch pop. The radio is always a treat.
  2. The (overly) friendliness of folk. Once you get past the 3 kisses which really calm down the introductions of new people. Its so apparent the difference with the firm handshake of your best friends, dads work colleague compared to the million kisses from your pseudo-mama. There was kiss-gate once when I threw myself in to the culture of kissing everyone and did so with a stranger – totes awks.
  3. The Dutch attitude. Their cool style and straight talking attitude its always a joy to observe. They look far more comfortable on a bicycle than I do. Double denim is always acceptable and who needs all that make up or perfectly coiffed hair?!  grachten-utrecht-high_rgb_6311
  4. Cake for breakfast is ok and should be utilised at any and every available time.
  5. The outdoor life. Taking a coffee or your dinner out on the terrace in the street instantly puts England and the Netherlands poles apart. My trip in September was the second opportunity I have had to eat outside all year. How we live like this here is beyond me. There is such a relaxing feeling eating your dinner outside and enjoying the warm evening air. We don’t get that here and it makes me very very jealous.











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