We wouldn’t like a sad Italian!

Across the fields and hidden just off the main road is the glorious ‘Happy Italy’. Standing proud in all her splendour Happy Italy is the prefect mark on the horizon after a trek round the woods with the dogs. With a pet friendly terrace the Fast Italian was busy on both of our visits.

Living up to its name and providing our order faster than one would have ever expected we basked in the sun and had the most amazing pizza.

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 09.25.47.png
I love you but I love pizza more!

For all its plus points; great food, location and super friendly staff the venue is a little large and I wouldn’t quite fancy trying to get in to on an evening. The children’s play area seemed like a great big hit with the kids and the parents too.

If we had to pick a downer- and obviously we do always have to find something to pick fault with – There wasn’t any music on the terrace, now there is a fine line between blasting out some generic Italian beats and turning the restaurant into an outdoor rave but even so, a little something would have been nice. Secondly, and this is hardly a negative – the pizza was huge! They do offer you a take out box which is a great little touch and it is always better to have too much than too little!

A great place to catch up with friends over great food and on a comfortable terrace. I had that holiday feeling and would give it a very respectable 8.5/10. Gino saw my score and matched it all be it loosing a point because he wasn’t a fan of the outdoor tables!


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