Show me your Muscle!

20090304_kaat_02_300The name Kaat Mossel comes from the historical figure Catharina Mulder. She was a Rotterdam fishwife, who was feared for her big mouth, she was imprisoned for singing loud and proud what is now the Dutch national anthem. The restaurant atmosphere was fantastic. The wall paintings questionable but it all adds to the charm.


I am no fan of seafood although I do accept it is popular in the Netherlands. We had a lovely little table underneath a picture of a naked blonde lying on top of a bed of muscles. The was nice.


The only real issue we had there was the shear length of the wait between each course. We were in the restaurant 4 hours and had a starter, a main and a coffee. Not worthy of a 4 hour stint in anyones book. The staff were lovely, most accommodating and hilariously good company.  We later moved to an outside table to enjoy our last meal as a family and our last dinner in the open air because at 19 degrees it was all very pleasant.

Language fail 1)

‘Black Angus’ when referring to a steak was miss interpreted into ‘Black Agnes’. Thats what you get when the Dutchies spend too much time talking in English, their own accent suffers.

Language fail 2)

With a mix of languages, accents and two bottles of wine we managed to confuse ourselves with Dutch style Chinese Whispers.

‘Spare ribs’ became ‘carrots’ which then became ‘Paris’ which ended up being ‘parents’. We really did have no chance by the end of it.

A truly fantastic Rotterdam pub with a great menu. I had the stewed beef which was just outstandingly tender. Somewhat pressured by Mother Holland into trying Eel which to my shock came COLD and then being bullied into sampling the muscles I can confidently say I enjoyed my meal. We all walked away giving it a solid 8/10 but the service could have been so much faster!


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