Let me set the scene…

First night and post flight we made our way to Rotterdam to the Market Hall. The stunning market has been in action for a few years now and I had never had chance to see it until now. The beautiful squ-oval building with skyhigh walls of windows is incredible. You spend as much time looking up at the walls as you do around the stalls, a hive of activity and range of inviting smells.

When we arrived at Pickles we were greeted by a lovely man who gave us a table near the front, after establishing my Englishness he was all too helpful and welcoming. We sat near the ‘front’ but were told that when the Hall closes the shutter would come down and the key was to ‘not stick your head out’. so by 10pm we had a cosy little corner at the back which was simply perfect.6b37fea1b3286ecff57c18de3c81ae17

With 18 months of catching up to do we ordered wine – sadly there were no cold bottles of the Sauvignon Blanc so Chardonnay it was. Not enough wine glasses so we had a champagne flutes instead. We weren’t off to a great start and it all seemed a little strange as their name suggests that the ‘Burgers and Wines’ combination is a thing. How can you not have enough cold wine or glasses?!

I loved the decor, a chandelier made from ketchup bottles and chalk board like quotes on the walls. With the smell of toasted buns in the air and the chatter of people talking a laughing created was such a great atmosphere inside the restaurant and on the terrace. It is a cozy restaurant as all tables were quite close together but it made everyone make friends with fellow diners. For me the downside was the wine obvs. but also the lack of sauce on my BBQ burger – this was a little disappointing but then again if there was too much i would moan at that too! The industrial meets diner style and the heinz ketchup and beans made my first night just perfect.

Maria 8/10

The food was really good and there is a nice terrace to sit outside. I was disappointed with the lack of glasses for the wine and the toilets weren’t as clean as they could have been. I didn’t like how close you were to everyone but it is easy to find, easy to park Β and always very busy.

Gino 7.5/10

Pickles is a great restaurant for catching up with friends, its trendy and fun and really worthy of a visit. It was just what I needed to hit the spot after my flight. Burgers are always the answer for a good quick fill and this place definitely didn’t disappoint!


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