Heren van Oranje

With the Autumn fast approaching in the county of orange sunny days are not to be taken for granted. After a walk through Mastbos we took a break for lunch at Heren van Oranje. A sweet little restaurant occupying the corner spot opposite the entrance to the woods. The terrace was full of beautiful Dutch folk who would be equally as comfortable if found in the pages of a lifestyle magazine as much as just eating with friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Scores on the doors

I was happy gave this place a 9/10. I had the club sandwich which was wonderful if not a little strange to have 3 slices of toasted bread with an egg on the bottom. Not quite what I expected but nice even so. For me the middle of the terrace was a little too open – Us English roses do like our shade!

Gino matched my score with a 9/10. He loved the location and the sun trap that it was. He had no complaints about his food and the cappuccino stood up to the foam density spoon test. Β For him the waiting staff weren’t quite as attentive as he would have liked but with a full terrace what more can you expect.

This dog friendly restaurant is quite a treat after walking your bloody legs off round the woods. I have a feeling we may be calling back again very soon.



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