How to fend off a cold in Holland and lose

I’m not back from my trip where it was inevitable for something to disrupt my mojo, this time it was ‘Travellers Flu’ – yes its a thing and after being incubated in a metal box (aeroplane) a million miles high (30,000ft) and in buildings of recycled air (airports) its hard to escape the spread of nasties.

My little trip to the apotheker and some €20 lighter in my pocket I came away with the medicines that would ease my sore throat, blocked nose and flue-like symptoms. 

Citrosan became my poison of choice. It was drinking it like pop.

Trachitol was my numbing pill which I later learnt actually works better if left to melt under the tongue rather than on it. I spent the first day with a very numb tongue a painful throat.

Xylometazoline is a nasal spray. It is vile, it tastes horrendous and has a million side effects which include the thinning of the nasal cavity but my god does it work. After psyching myself up for it just one spray in each nostril really is enough to bring back the ease of breathing that we all take for granted and the wonderful sensation of taste and smell.

Oscillococcinum – This was just fun to say. I’m still non the wiser as to what this was actually supposed to do its apparently a homeopathic preparation marketed to relieve influenza-like symptoms. It comes in little files full of tiny white balls. You tip it under the tongue and let it melt there. It has a very pleasant taste to be honest but I cant really say it worked for me in any particular way I took all six files in 2 days. Maybe it did help, maybe it didn’t, who knows.

So all in all none of this really worked after all. I’m still suffering and I’m pretty sure nothing will really prevent a cold of manifesting itself. I tried my best and fought through it with my cocktail of medicines.



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