The reason you aren’t succeeding as a woman? Thats because you bleed apparently.

Don’t let any blood hold you back – the new Body Form tag line that really got my back up in the Cinema this week.

In our very own impromptu and off the cuff focus group on Tuesday evening I can tell you quite honestly that this new advert you’ve got going on doesn’t work.

Why wouldn’t you want to be a woman?

We see a number of very strong, beautiful, sweaty women partaking in their sport of choice. From boxing to ballet, running to rock climbing, all are fit, and very well presented and then in some way each one falls or stumbles, gets hit or scuffs a knuckle which makes them bleed. Be it Sally* who takes a punch to the head, Sophie* who falls and cuts her shin on a branch or  Simone* the gracious ballet star whose feet resemble a frankenstien creation (*names completely made up).

I’m not knocking the sentiment of ‘its not how many times you get knocked down but the number of times you get back up’ mantra from Mr Balboa who happens to be a very philosophical being whom we should all pay more attention to. And then the advert ends with this…


Really Bodyform? Really? 

What are they trying to say?

I am at a loss for what this ad is trying to get at but naturally I have a few suggestions

  1. You have to bleed to be good at what you do? And men don’t bleed – obviously – or fall over – or fail for that matter.
  2. Women are slaves to their bodies and any success that may or may not have afforded to them would naturally be hampered to them because of a monthly bleed, which in turn is the sole reason as to why women don’t succeed.
  3. A sanitary towel is the answer to all of your problem and the use of one will make you more successful than you ever would have been without one.

Has it worked in encouraging me to use BodyForm? No.

Has it succeeded in getting us to talk about their stupid advert? Yes.

You success isn’t made or limited by menstruation, yes one has to be slightly more ‘prepared’ around certain times of the month but an extra trip or two to the bathroom is no limitation on your ability. Hard work and persistence is the key – not a merchandised sanitary product.


4 thoughts on “The reason you aren’t succeeding as a woman? Thats because you bleed apparently.

  1. I’ve read about this ad and the thought behind it, and don’t actually mind it. It’s referring more to the fact that girls who have been active in sports/physical activities often quit when they first get their period due to a variety of reasons, including pads/tampons that aren’t completely effective. The other big aspect of the ad is that they’re showing “blood”, rather than the “blue liquid” in most sanitary product commercials. They’re trying not to sugar-coat the fact that women bleed. But I can see how you could end up with your interpretation, as well, so perhaps it needs to be a bit clearer. This is one of the many articles out about the ad:

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    1. I guess there are two sides to every coin and I tend to hang up on the negatives at times.
      From the sporting angle you are quite right and the element of actually showing ‘real’ blood was something I had never really thought of (or noticed!)

      Thanks for reading my little rant! 🙂

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