Write here, write now!

Handwriting. Some of it is illegible, some of it curly, some of it perfectly formed and well practiced and some resembling spider scrawl.

When was the last time you hand wrote something? A note? A letter?

For most people the only handwriting they ever do is the scrawl on a birthday card to someone once a year and with the uprising of websites that let you design your own cards even the endearing message inside so theres no need to write anything then.

With laptops and touch screens slowly taking over our lives it is no wonder our handwriting is suffering so much so that it in the Netherlands it has been reported thatย primary schools teachers do not pay enough attention to it.

Fun fact here is the similarity of my handwriting to my mothers. For years we have bamboozled my dad in adding things to shopping lists or leaving paperwork around the place.

I am a writer. I am a list maker. I am a planner. Its safe to say I handwrite quite a lot really and i like to think i cant turn on the fancy scroll when necessary but there are so many of my friends whose writing in a right mess!

So today i urge and encourage you to grab a pen and a bit of paper and write somebody a note. Tell someone you love them or write a grocery list. Put down the ‘reminder app’ and get back to good old fashioned paper and ink.



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