What does plus size actually look like?

Body positive – what does it actually mean? Loving your own body or accepting the variation of everyone else’s?  As an active social media user I have a very varied set of interest and there is undoubtedly an uprising from the ‘plus sized’ community but instead of making me feel like I finally belong in a consumer group I feel even more fractured as instead of size zero or size 32 I find myself with nearly every other ‘average’ woman somewhere on the spectrum in the middle. So what does ‘plus’ actually look like?

I love seeing body positive images on instagram and blog sites from every corner of the world. I even follow a few just because I think they are beautiful people. I, myself am plus size but I wouldn’t put myself in the categories of the ‘plus size’ you see on the internet. I’ve never been thin, I don’t think I’ve ever brought anything smaller than ‘XL’ its always a novelty when I do. As a child I was at one point the tallest in my class so bigger size meant length, (I had a growth spurt age 10 and haven’t grown since!) I also had boobs before my fellow lady classmates too and therefore always required more ‘give’ in my clothes due to my ‘womanly shape’ emerging rathe early.

We are starting to see more plus size women making their mark in the beauty world and I think thats great there is a certain magic in seeing women in the forrefront embracing their body’s and their minds but they are still a world away from the average Sally on the street. Fat doesn’t mean unhealthy just like thin doesn’t mean fit yet still we judge people in those binaries.

Let me give you an example on the plus size models I’m talking about.

Tia Provost – she is, in my opinion, simply beautiful. I don’t look like her. Check out her instagram and I defy you not to smile at every one of her perfect pictures. She is confident and flawless and, for me, perfectly shaped but I don’t look anything like her.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 22.22.14.png

Then we have Tess Holliday again plus size but this time bigger and equally as beautiful, confident and sassy but again I don’t look like her either and I certainly don’t have the same confidence she has. She has what looks like such a happy life and the most adorable little boy. Go and follow her on insta!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 22.34.44.png

It seems to me that even with the emergence of body positive magazines and social media campaigns the camp is still well and truly split and there is a huge group of women who ARE like me stuck in even more of no-mans-land.

165 pounds.png
You’ve seen this picture before no doubt – All of these women weigh the same!

I am conscious of my body, conscious of what I wear, conscious of how I look must most importantly I am conscious of how I feel and more often than not I feel inadequate and just fat.

One cant help but wonder are these social media campaigns actually helping the situation or just segregating us further on to a spectrum of Fat to Victoria Secrets?  I am still struggling to find my place in all this if only the fat from my belly would go to my boobs or my bum perhaps I would fit in?

I thought I would leave you with my current favourite song from my newly discovered favourite band who happen to be the first band I’ve ever seen use a plus sized model in their music video, certainly the first one I’ve ever seen. What I’d give to not only role around on a bed with Joe Jonas but to look even remotely like her. I guess the closest I’ll ever get to looking like Ashley Graham is having long dark hair and thinking I look like her when waltzing around my house in an oversized t-shirt!


5 thoughts on “What does plus size actually look like?

  1. Love this! I often get told I’m not plus size or fat, I’m 6 foot one tall and an average uk 20, 22. Because I’m tall I seem to carry my weight differently and often times don’t feel like I fit into a category!


    1. Thanks for reading my post!

      I think its a daily struggle that every body goes through in one way or another. I can literally go in 5+ high street stores and be every size on the rail! Then the style dictates the sizes too! The different of a button blouse to a t-shirt or high wasted jeans to low rise. I can’t even judge that now. I’m that girl in the changing room that have 6 items all the same but in different sizes and ends up buying none of them!

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  2. I just saw this!

    And you know what – I struggle just as much with trying to figure out where I sit in this spectrum, that we are going from one end of the spectrum to the other and theres so many BP campaigns out there yet in reality they always alienate one or more body types.
    You have voiced so many conversations in my mind.

    Ive come to the decision that at the end of the day as long as I am happy with where I am in my life and my health – then thats all that matters.

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    1. Tia you are beautiful. Never ever forget that! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment! I’ve been a bit of a weird instagram stalker of you for a while (probably shouldn’t admit that!)

      I think what I’ve learnt now, and only as I’ve got older have I started to accept, is that nobody is perfect and it is because of our infinite differences that makes us all perfect in our own way.

      Keep doing what you’re doing! Keep rocking it babe xxxx


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