What Feminism Means to me.

I think I can safely say I’ve been a feminist for all of my life I just didn’t realise that was what it was called until recent years.

Blessed with two very supportive parents I have always been encouraged to follow my dreams, try whatever I wanted and be whoever I wanted to be. I guess I was lucky as a child. My gender never came in to my life decisions and there has never been any ‘expectations’ placed upon me from the person I am. Its for this reason that made me so passionate about other women being held back or controlled and so vehemently against the oppression of others.

because every man is a player

To me feminism is the striving for every woman to have every opportunity. For me opportunity should be earned on merit and all successes equally celebrated and if you are genuinely good enough, I don’t think ones gender should be a limitation or indeed a factor at all. I see Gender Equality and Feminism in a very similar light. I don’t think men should be judged by their gender before any other attribu
te in the same way that not all builders are men and not all secretaries are women.

I wish I looked like that cleaning my kitchen floor! 

I like to think that my generation sees the world a little more ‘gender-less’ we don’t see these things first as a precursor for our opinions. I don’t look at someone and see their sex as a determiner as to my expectations.

Equal access to education choices, equal job prospects, equal pay. Things are shit for women but we have come a long way, we tend to get the worse end of deal in many respects but change is coming about. I’ve been lucky but I’ve been unappolgetically hard working. I think that every girl born shouldn’t have to fight her way to a level playing field.



I guess really feminism to me means giving everyone the equal access to opportunities I had and helping people to raise their confidence to grasp them when they arise.


One thought on “What Feminism Means to me.

  1. Whilst we appreciate the fact that you liked this artwork enough to use it on your website it would be great if you could accredit it to the struggling artist who created it, Nina Smart. ninasmart.com

    Kind Regards,


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