A rose by any other name…

The power of the humble flower can be a little cliché at times. We give them to people to celebrate, to commiserate, we give them instead of chocolates (or as well as if you’re lucky). I love what flowers do to a space and your mood so after living in my new home for around 6 weeks I’ve exhausted the ‘new house guests’ that bring flowers so I find myself in a quandary – as a single woman in the digital age is it the lowest rung of desperation to buy yourself flowers and should we still put so much onus on the giving of them?

I don’t have a specific favourite flower – I do have some I prefer more than others but i’m easily pleased and happy with a good old mixed bouquet. Colour of choice – yellow, as a child I always referred to them as ‘sunshine flowers’ such a cute kid wasn’t I?! But seriously I’m not picky. I will happily take any flowers offered, or in this case not offered but brought.

I don’t mind when they die. To me plants are messy, they require full time commitment that I dont feel ready for in any part of my life. Short term throw-away-able works for me and flowers are just that. You have a bunch for 7-10 days (two weeks if they are from a proper florist) then when they die you toss them into the garden waste and you are done.  I must add that flowers from a florist are much better quality than those in supermarkets which are forcefully grown and already 3 or 4 days old by the time you get them. Reputable florists get them as fresh as possible every day which gives you (the buyer) the best shelf-life of full bloom!

It can however be awkward when someone asks “who brought your flowers?” and you explain that you did indeed buy them for yourself. My local florist doesn’t ask these sorts of questions any more, after turning down the gift card offer more than once they kind of stopped asking.

As a 21st Century woman who is pretty much self-sufficient I suppose it does worry me at times that I am *too* self-sufficient but then one has to ask the question what am I waiting for? And if there isn’t anyone to buy me a bunch of flowers once a month why shouldn’t I buy them myself? It doesn’t change the way a gifted bunch makes me feel and I’d happily rather have them gifted than self-funded.

So yeah I do like flowers, I like everything they stand for when gifted to someone else but most importantly I just like them. The colours, the smell, the look of them. They make my house feel like a home.

Check out this cute video from Apartment Therapy on making the ultimate bouquet!


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