Homeowner Series: 5 Things I forgot to pack

I’ve had my own home for nearly a month now and I’ve been a permanent resident for a whole week. To mark this occasion I thought I would share with you the bits of packing I forgot and didn’t realise until I came to use them.

  1. Side plates – I entertain quite a bit so I was equally as surprised at myself for forgetting them as I was annoyed, dinner plates and bowls we’re all I packed, extra plates – nah, not a priority.
  2. Serving spoons – In the early days of being a home owner DIY becomes your life and take aways become your diet. This means that at some point you’ll have lots of containers of food (you need to keep your helpers fed and watered!) and nothing is more annoying than having nothing to serve with. We forfeited desert spoons which meant interim washing up and only possible if you’ve remembered to pack those spoons too!
  3. Hairdryer – In my family home we share a hairdryer. Because I travel quite a bit I have my own straighteners and tongues etc but in order to be able to use these I also needed a hairdryer too. Another non-budgeted purchase!
  4. Tools  – I’m lucky to be able to borrow my dad with his tools and expertise but I never thought i’d need so many different types of screwdriver! Whilst we are on the subject, butterfly raw plugs (or whatever they are called) for fixing things on to cavity walls. Who knew?
  5. Bins  – Clutter breeds clutter and in the process of renovations you can create a lot of mess. I didn’t buy a rubbish bin until recently and the purchase of something so silly has been revolutionary. I have two bins, one for recycling and one for landfill. By separating your waste it makes you a) more conscious of it, b) more organised and c) reduces the amount of times you need to take the trash out. Win, win, win!

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