Social Justice – a fundamental change in British Politics

I spoke recently about what I thought was a need to celebrate the UK’s new female Prime Minister, Theresa May. Last night Queen Elizabeth confirmed and coronated the countries second female leader in a traditional and historic fashion with the ‘kissing of hands’ and retuned from the palace as First Lady of the Treasury and Prime Minister.


I have a vested interest here as I am a big Theresa May supporter but that aside, I wanted to share the speech she made on the steps of Downing Street as for the first time in my life and most definitely in my political career somebody has stood up and said everything I believe and everything I want to work for.

That means fighting against the burning injustice that if you’re born poor you will die on average nine years earlier than others.

If you’re black you are treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you’re white.

If you’re a white working-class boy you’re less likely than anybody else in Britain to go to university.

If you’re at a state school you’re less likely to reach the top professions than if you’re educated privately.

If you’re a woman you will earn less than a man.

If you suffer from mental health problems, there’s not enough help to hand.

If you’re young you will find it harder than ever before to own your own home. If you’re from an ordinary working-class family, life is much harder than many people in Westminster realise.

Theresa May PM

I bang the drum of equal opportunities on this blog all the time and to hear our new Prime Minister say that our differences shouldn’t hold us back and where we start should not dictate where we end up. Theresa also has a history or working with women and working for women ensuring that opportunities and encouragement for young women and girls are there. This is an attitude we need in British politics.

If you’ve got a few moment have a listen. Whatever your party colours, to hear the leader of the country say that the ‘working class’ will be at the forefront of decision making is something we all want to hear and something we all need to work towards.

When it comes to opportunity we won’t entrench the advantages of the fortunate few, we will do everything we can to help anybody, whatever your background, to go as far as your talents will take you.

Theresa May PM


Our country is different now, we have voted on Europe we have chosen a different path for our country and I think seeing the new cabinet announced and seeing the reforms we have ahead of us are possibly the most exciting times in politics I’ve ever been part of.


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