Home Sweet Home. 5 things I am sick of being asked about buying my first house.

Something really big is happening in my life right now. I feel that it is my moment (cringe at how cliche that it!). I’m a fully fledge adult because now I own my own home. Yes I have taken the plunge and brought a house.

Its been a long process and the occasional realisation of paying a mortgage for the next 30 years of my life is a slightly sickening thought but nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishment knowing you own such a huge investment. Life feels quite odd at the moment. I’ve got a career as a political staffer which i love, I own my own car, my own home. I’m a fully fledged adult. It’s like this is a defining moment in my life and this realisation has just hit me. Well it hit me a few weeks ago when I was home alone at my parents house and I realised just how clean I live when I’m only tidying up after myself.

I wanted to share parts of this journey on here to help others and documents the arduous process of committing to by your first home on your own with nothing. So lets start with the questions I’m literally sick of hearing.

  1. Are you buying it with a partner? – Yeah because in order to buy a h112994.jpgouse you need one right?! Wrong! Ok it may be easier for some to do it with some else but it is totally doable solo. Β A good sign of how our generation is now taking hold, the the question is ‘partner’ and not gender specific this is progress. Not that I am a lesbian but I like to try and see the positives in every situation and the “Have you got a boyfriend?” question really does ware thin.
  2. What have you got to buy? – Well considering I’m buying a house with only the loose contents of my bedroom I kind of need everything do you really want me to list my entire shopping list because yes I need a toilet brush and a colander and just about everything else required to stock a kitchen, living room, dinning room, bedrooms and not forgetting the bathroom, garden and garage.
  3. When do you move in? – So the process on average takes around twelve weeks. I got my keys within 60 days after first viewing. There are so many processes involved in buying property. Legal fees are a joke and land searches that are done online by the click of a button take around 2 weeks to come back. The date is a long way off. By the time you have the dates its pretty much imminent.
  4. Where is it? – Its like everyone wants your address, we don’t care where you live but we have to know. I think its secretly because we are all so judgemental in terms of postcodes but I’m not too in to giving everyone my new postcode. Its a fine line between obviously wanting to show off because yes i’ve brought a house in a wonderful area and I want the world to know but i don’t want people to judge me if they live in a nicer place. Its a confusing thing all round.
  5. Why do you want to paint it that colour? – When discussing my tastes in interior design it is good to remember that I have a pretty good eye for these sorts of things. This humble home that has got my name on the deeds means that I am adult enough to pick the colour of my hallway and if I want it in ‘Gentle Fawn’ you can take you ‘Wild Peach’ and shove it!

So there we have it. My world is still in various boxes, i have oddly placed and unexplainable bruises, a new found talent for ikea flatpack but whilst dreaming in colour charts and finding stuff I forgot I’d even packed I am loving every single minute.


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