The Glass Ceiling; finally shattered?

Here in the UK I am proud to say that my generation (big up the 90s!) will finally see a female Prime Minister. Love her or hate her Mrs Thatcher was the first UK PM and until tomorrow was the last. Yesterday’s events saw the UK government announce another female PM after the leadership battle which saw a campaigns from 7 candidate (five men, two women) come down to just two ladies going head to head. Whatever your views on Leadsam vs. May,  the UK was on the brink of yet another female leader.TM4MP

Achieved without a mandatory gender quota or with an all-female short list, (arguably) the cream rose to the top. Does this mean then that the patronising men-hating academics who have forever argued women can only make it big is by sleeping with the boss or patronising women- shortlists are now out of work?

In British politics its great news for the ladies. First Minister of Scotland, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, the leader of the Scottish Labour party, the First Minister of Northern Ireland, leader of the Greens and the leader of Plaid Cymru are all women.

A3 female contender has challenged for leadership of the UK labour party, Angela Merkel is leading the germans, Marine Le Pen is giving France all she’s got and Hillary is waving the flag across the pond.

In 2016, women in the West have smashed that glass ceiling!

Let us not give up here. There are plenty of women out there across the world who could do amazing things but sadly they don’t have the opportunities because they haven’t been allowed. Easten Europe and many Arab countries still see far more oppression than we ever did here in Britain.

You  could argue that a girl born in Brittain today will have far more opportunities discarding her gender than one born in the champagne.jpg80’s or 90’s, which I think is just fantastic.

But please, for now, can we celebrate how far we have come in the UK and many other parts of the world in that women are now trickling through into positions of power and finally being recognised for their ability rather than their fertility.


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