We are living in a material world but am I a material girl?

I watched a video from a comment someone had left on a recent blog post. Dave Chappelle is a hilarious guy and although his delivery of some comment is questionable and arguable border line offensive he talked about the materialistic nature of women. I quote “if a man could f*ck a woman in a cardboard box he wouldn’t buy a house” and how men want a nice car because the know women will want them if they have a nice car. So I thought we’d look in to this a little further. What’s the difference between a bachelor pad and a bachelorette pad? Do women pick a man based purely on what he has or hasn’t got? Is peacock syndrome a main player in today’s dating scene?

 I wanna see your peacock

The male peacock has the pretty feathers designed to woo females in to breading. The idea here is that a man shows off what he has in order to attract a mate. Let’s talk cars. Dave Chappelle leads us to believe that men use their car as their peacock feathers. To attract the ladies who will see it as a symbol of money. Now a car is a money status I agree but maybe it’s also a status about wanting a ‘toy’ to play with. My car won’t have men flocking to me but it’s a pretty clear indicator that I’m independent and grown up enough to have and drive a car. I can, of course, only talk from my own point of view but a man’s car says a lot about the man. It doesn’t need to be some 3 litre souped up engine that you can hear for miles away when revved. For me a nice clean car that looks cared for but not adored is enough. I like to think the view I have on a man’s car is the view I have on the man. I like them to be in full working order, clean but not too flashy and well respected. Funny that. Would it matter to me if the man of my dreams had a beat up banger of a car…it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. I’m nearly 25 now, a man without a driving licence would probably be more of deal breaker.

If a man could fuck a woman in a cardboard box he wouldn’t buy a house

Dave Chappelle

I am a huge fan of home renovations and binge watch home decoration projects on youtube and tv but I’m not the only one. Do I like cushions? They are like sprinkles on a cupcake. Do I like decorative objects that serve no other purpose but decoration?  I don’t collect bric-a-brac for the benefit of my bank balance. But that’s only because I attach sentimental value on to things and I know a lot of men don’t. I live on the quest for organisation and minimalism. I have everything that I need but I amass clutter like a magnet. I hate clutter but in my world no matter how many draw dividers or how many times I take stuff to the charity shops it gravitates back to me.


Men on the other hand, now I must note here I’ve only ever been in 3 bachelor pads – and not for the reasons you may be thinking either. One guy was a student living in halls, one was pretty broke and the other was reasonably affluent. All homes varied in their tidiness but all had the same basic principles. Fully working kitchen with all necessary instruments and gadgets, an unmade bed and a games console. You can’t help but question where all the clutter and mess in their rooms comes from?! So I have this new opinion. Men and women are equally as materialistic but simply place priorities on different things. I don’t have a games console but I like coordinating cushions. I don’t have that many gadgets or electronic devices but I like candles. No doubt someone is going to come waving from the middle ground of “I have an xbox and like cushions” and that’s ok that’s fine. I just don’t think it’s fair to say that women are more materialist than men. I know a guy in his twenties and still has a batman poster on his wall. I’m not going to take shit from him about the glass bonbon dish of potpourri I have on the side board.

So there we have it. I can conclude that I think man’s car does not directly influence his attraction to women but does play a part in it and that we are all as bad as each other when it comes to clutter and possessions suggesting that I simply put more energy in to making cushion covers rather than playing grand theft auto.


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