The day when even the mighty become mortal.

It’s events like those that happened in West Yorkshire today that make the country see that MPs are human just like the rest of us. Jo Cox MP was stabbed, shot and died from her injuries whilst going about her business in her home constituency. Lots of comments have been made about the incident but at this current moment in time, just 24hours after the event the true facts are still unknown. One thing has become clear. The outpouring of love and respect has been heartwarming.

Being an MP and working in the “Parliamentary Family” is a tough old life. Accept people like me who work in that world get to leave all that behind when we clock out each day, they can’t. They give up their family life, their personal life and their private life becomes far from private. They work to do the best they can for us and make decisions we sometimes may or may not agree with but we put them there on the promise that theyΒ will their best. They will act in a way that they can justify to themselves and those around them. Agreeing with their every word is impossible. Imagine a world where everyone agrees on everything. BORING.

The fact of the matter is that Jo Cox didn’t deserve to die yesterday whilst she was working for her constituents doing a job that i do every single day. It’s unclear if it was planned, random or a case of wrong place wrong time but whatever the reason it won’t bring her back to her children, to her husband or to her family. Thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends as they try to come to terms with such a terrible loss.

We must remember that there are twice as many good eggs for every bad.


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