Take a Seat! My 5 top tips for reupholstering a chair

In an attempt to busy myself and fuel my inner creative fire along with trying to save money I wanted to share a crafty little DIY that I recently made turning an old tub chair into a retro beauty.  Now I’m the first to admit that if I watch a video on youtube I can do it. This was one of those moments. The video I watched was this one…look how easy it seems!


Here I give you the project.

Chair before and after.jpg

I’m giving you my 5 top tips, if you like me, think you can reupholster a chair.

  1. Make a note of the other in which you strip the chair for this will be the same but in reverse for reupholstering.
  2. Keep your fabric tight at all times. If you are working with a patterned fabric it’s a little easier to see if you’re keeping the tension right. Nobody likes a straight line that’s wavy round the edges! Plus the tighter the fabric over the foam the smarter the job.
  3. Use a good stapler. Mine misfired a lot it’s more frustrating than it sounds – trust me.
  4. When you’ve cut out the pattern lie the pieces over the chair in position. The pattern won’t work on its own. That was my biggest lesson. Here’s the problem – you reservedly cut your patter giving at least another inch around the edges because your sewing isn’t all that great. You pin the delicate pieces together to find the pattern is still far far too big. After using a bit of common sense and pinning the fabric where you want it to be you find it actually does fit although you perception of 1 inch verses reality of how long that is very very off.
  5. Use lots of staples. You will use more than you think you will and it is better to use more than you need. Don’t staple any further than 2cm apart. This helps to maintain the tension and keeps you in control of the shape you are creating and the patter.


  1. Bonus tip: Admire you’re handwork because its bloody hard!

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