Dying to be Dutch – A Crime Against Humanity?

The full article can be found over at The Dutch Review!

Euthanasia. Assisted dying. Whatever you wish to call it, the end result is the same. End of life.

A Dutch documentary aired back in February  showed the story of a 68 year old woman with semantic dementia being euthanised. You can watch the full documentary here.


Suicide vs. Euthanasia (death without the paperwork?) 

The Dutch law allows euthanasia to take place if the person requesting it does not suffer from physical problems constituting unbearable and hopeless suffering. The Dutch law is a bit backwards in this way – only when in a situation of ‘unbearable and hopeless suffering’ would you ever consider assisted dying so you can’t make and wouldn’t really need to make that decision without the contributing factor of illness or hopelessness.

Right-to-die organisations across the Netherlands have made new calls more recently for a “last will pill” making assisted dying easier and more accessible specifically to those turned down by doctors but is that really what we need in this world?

maxresdefaultSome comments on the stories about this consist of yet again more questions than answers; is the ‘right to a civilised death is a great thing’?
Is agreeing with this policy a ‘crime against humanity’? Why is euthanizing a sick animal the right thing to do yet frowned upon with it’s a relative? Can this situation be compared to that of religious questioning? How would God view helping someone to die in a dignified and controlled way? Who is there to monitor the system and make sure they feel no pain? Nobody has ever died and come back to tell us what the drugs feel like? Is ending lives the answer to controlling the world’s population? Why should money and research go in to funding end of life medications and not lifesaving treatments or cures? Why should you have to ask permission to die? We are automatous individuals who don’t belong to anyone so if we make a decision thats that surely?!


What do you think? Is the Netherlands a better place for such liberal laws on euthanasia or is the start of something more sinister? Where does an ‘end of life pill’ leave us?


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