5 Things I Miss About the Netherlands

It’s sad but it’s true. I haven’t been to Holland for 12 months and 31 days. Not that I am counting or in any way sad about this…yeah not half.

I thought given my recent silence I would ease back in to blogging with 5 Things I Miss About The Netherlands.

1# Dutch – now I know this sounds crazy but I miss the language. Watching and listening to people speak Dutch fascinates me. I suppose any language that isn’t our mother tongue sparks interest but I could people watch for days and to listen. In my experience the more I listen the more I can pick up. As I haven’t spoken a word of Dutch for the last 12 months my knowledge has depleted somewhat but it’s definitely something I miss.

Can we have a reference to Austin Powers in every post?!

2# The Outdoors – Holland has similar weather to the UK however regardless to what side of the meteorological scale that is its always more intense. In the little part of the Netherlands that I am lucky enough to call home it is so scenic and wonderful come rain, shine, storm or snow. There is one particular spot which is my designated “happy place” and I literally don’t have anywhere else in the world that makes me feel so calm and relaxed as looking out over the garden and down to the lake. It’s just bliss.

This is my little piece of heaven. Isn’t it just wonderful!

3# Food – Being in foreign lands is always a good excuse to try new foods and discover new cuisines. I also love living as a normal family in Holland and having normal meals that we wouldn’t have here in the UK queue sprinkles on bread and cheese fondue.


4# Bicycles! – I’m just gonna put it out there I am not a confident cyclist and have never cycled in Holland however I love to watch people cycle. They are contortionists! Juggling a child, and umbrella, the weekly shop and texting whilst cycling in a straight line is just witchcraft!

This is how I imagine i would live in NL! Just minding my own business, surveying my land

5# That holiday feeling. – I think more than anything miss the feeling of being away from home and work and normal troubles that affect my normal life. When I’m in the Netherlands the grass feels so much greener be it for 3 days or 10. Going back time after time, year after year has me in love with the place and I feel that it’s a love that will never die in me.



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