Happy Easter!

Easter, when I think of Easter I think of two things, the first and foremost being CHOCOLATE. The second being the religious connotations after too many years as a child fighting against Sunday School which meant sitting in a cold, candlelight church chocking on inscents and unfolding a palm cross. Which begs the question is the story of Easter difficult for children the grasp. They totally accept Santa and the idea of an over weight man dressed in red shimmying down the chimney and riding a sleigh dragged by reindeer and covering the entire globe in 24 hours. Any child who has travel transatlantic knows the sheer impossibilities of this so there really is no need to explain it to them.

From the eyes of a child – Easter must be a total mindf*ck.

Here we have an inanimate chocolate bunny winking it’s eye when you ring a bell tied to its neck. That’s pretty weird considering the idea is you unwrap it and eat is body, winking eye and all. Then we have this horror of a seemingly intoxicated rabbit, with a wild expression, hurtling through your back garden, flinging his chocolate eggs all over the show for you to then go on to pick up his mess, eat arguable your body weight is over processed cocoa only to run wild for the afternoon risking the options of being sick. In a nutshell an Easter bunny who condones binging and purging.

This year in the UK we have an Easter advert of a chocolate monstrosity (its very war of the worlds-esque) firing eggs down a shaft to load the shelves full of hollow, overpriced, over marketed chocolate eggs. I’m not quite sure how it managed to do the wrapping or indeed the tiny ceramic mugs what accompany such consumer focussed crap.

Don’t get me wrong I love Easter.


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