We never go out of style? Ha! Style went out a long time ago!

Contrary to Miss Swifts accusations of us never going out of style one only has to look around in a crowed place to find that statement questionable.

Who defines style and where is the line between dressing appropriately and dressing fashionable? Recently I’ve been questioning if our style conscious ancestors were right or if we just get so carried away with out laid back attitude to life that dressing for the occasion doesn’t matter anymore.

So many times you see both men and women out in restaurants and the women, rightly or wrongly, are dolled up to the nines but what about the men? They’re in oversized t-shirts, skinny jeans and trainers. It’s generally the case of men being underdressed compared with women being overdressed. But who is to blame and where has the middle ground gone?

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 14.39.51

There is the argument today of not wanting a man who spends longer in front of the mirror than a woman. Why not? There’s nothing wrong with owning 2 mirrors so theres no hogging involved. There’s nothing wrong with having a man take pride in his appearance and want to dress nicely for an occasion. Acclaimed designer Patrick Grant branded 21 Centrury men as scruffy and I have to agree. I totally get that the rugged and unkempt look appeals to our cave man nature but there is a time and a place for such appearances. Women are told not to be too high maintenance – we slag each other off to wearing false lashes, extensions, cement like make up yet the beauty industry thrives off it and fuels it even more so (more on that in a different post). So we now find this ever growing gap between underdressed and overdressed with no subtle middle ground.

Dressing in full dinner suit for a black tie dinner is the appropriate dress whereas a bow tie and cummerbund in Adli might look a little out of place. Just like a mini dress is more suitable in a nightclub rather than at a job interview. There used to be a sort of ‘rule book’ for society but I fear that that went out of the window a long time ago.



tumblr_m6v9sabut61qmgz9uo1_500I’m not saying we should wear expensive designer clothes, and I’m not saying that we always get things right or wrong but the fact of the matter is – standards have slipped. If you’re going out for dinner, trakkies  (thats a ‘tracksuit’ to non midlanders) and trainers aren’t really the best choice. If you’re off on a cold winters walk dolly shoes and a mini skirt isn’t advisable either.


Err…no thanks! 

I’m not sure when we started letting scruffy become acceptable but I don’t really like where it’s going. It seems more people are getting style advice rather than style inspiration from the catwalks. Kanye West – have you seen his offering of ‘fashion’? I rest my case. That’s not high end, its scruffy. Fashion should be comfortable but it should also be suited to the envioronment in which you find yourself in.


Men, dress up for your women. Women, give your men something to dress up for!


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