Was Merkel Right?

I am firm believer in helping others, I think it is in my bones. I want to help, I need to help. That and I can’t stand just doing nothing! The Syrian refugee crisis is heart breaking. I cannot begin to imagine the fear and anguish of having to leave everything you own and everything you know to trek half way across the world to safety. My issue is this – of those fleeing a life of danger and unrest how many are facing genuine threat? And how many know what the country they are coming to expects of them? unrwa-syrian-refugees-1.jpg

In the westernised countries we have worked for centuries to build up countries and lives that are safer with more protection, a legal system, and a criminal justice system. We operate on many Christian values of tolerance and acceptance of diversity. WE don’t abuse our women here, we don’t rape, we don’t attack our women or steal or destroy. The events that happened in Germany on New Year’s Eve to shatters everything we have worked so hard to achieve. In Cologne, where most of the assaults have been reported, police said 516 complaints had been filed by Sunday [10th January] —40% of them for sexual offenses, including at least two rape allegations—and many of the suspected attackers were migrants.

What makes Europe so appealing to these refugees is our values, our economy, our lifestyles and our tolerances, by coming here you must accept theses. For battling them, bombing them and raping them will make these countries no different to the ones you have fled.

Merkel said last week that those found guilty of carrying out the heinous crimes on NYE and any other criminal acts will impact their application for asylum and so it should. This shouldn’t need a new law or a sweeping statement from a Chancellor. This should BE the law in every country. If you commit, and are found guilty of carrying out, an act that breaches the human rights of safety and security of another person (in their own country to which you are a visitor) you should face the consequences. As an asylum seeker that should mean asylum revoked, as a national that should mean imprisonment. Germany’s ‘open-door’ policy has divided a nation of those refugees-welcome.jpgwanting to help and those wishing that they hadn’t. It is flawed in many ways and one could argue that it was only a matter of time before something like this was to happen. Europe has opened its arms to these people, Germany more so than any other country, we have given them a chance – don’t stick two fingers up to that. Accept our values or go home. Embrace our ways or walk away. We are successful, thriving countries because we work hard to make them so, if you can’t live like that then stay where you feel such horrific acts are tolerated because here they are not. We respect one another, we work hard and we receive a fair deal in an equal democracy. Women should not fear their choice of clothing will dictate their treatment by men, men should not feel being mugged on the way home after a night out. Groups of friends should not be assumed to be disruptive gangs.

I know not all asylum seekers are rapists, just like I know that not allrapefugies.jpg Muslims are terrorists and that all black men don’t carry guns but what I do know is based upon fact. This behaviour is accepted or in many ways over looked in their countries, it’s not in ours. These behaviours are not our behaviours. The facts are in on this case and those responsible should be punished. It’s hard enough for victims of sexual assault to report incidents like this. It’s even harder to hear that those whom we have extended an arm of support to could carry out such acts.

Germany remains divided on their immigration policy and right now I think the doors don’t necessarily have to be closed but tighter restrictions in place and more knowledge of who is here and their backgrounds.


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