Mijn 2015 Resolutie…What really happened.

Happy New Year! Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!

2015 started with such promise but fell a little flat on its face.

Voor deze blog ik heb vier resoluties.
De eerst: Blog meer, meer posts en conversatie met ander menses! –Β Ok so technically I’ve done this one. I blog regularly and have developed quite a good following. – Hi Everyone *waves*
No.2: Meer leren. Natuurlijk.
Yeah this one stopped after I passed level 2 due to there being no more classes.
3e: Meer praten, met mijzelf, bij anders mensen, op de telephone of Skype enz.
Because the classes stopped I forgot what to say to myself!
Tenslotte elke maand zal ik een post in het Nederlands te schrijven (ik zal proberen)!
Now I kept this up longer than I expected to be able to so I’m accepting a semi-victory on that.Β 
If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you’ll know that I have pledged to keep the posts coming only this time with a little less Dutch. I will however be aiming to pick upΒ het nederlands again in 2016.
Here are my personal Resolutions:
– The standard: Loose weight. I want to loose at least 3st this year.
– By my first house on my own. Not rent or go in with someone I want my name on the deeds.
– Declutter. Become more minimalist with everything.
– Continue to blog and write a couple of times a week. I did some guest posts in online magazines last year I would love to do more of those!
– I would also like to join a choir but I think I’m a bit too shy for that to happen.

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