A Year in Review pt. 3 – Beauty is where you find it!

Beauty is where you find it!Sequinned hats - day3

I am by no means a beauty blogger, I couldn’t afford to do it and I don’t have the breadth of knowledge required but I am unashamedly addicted to lipstick and pretty much willing to try anything on my face! Here are my top finds from this year that pretty much provide me with my ‘every day’ make up look.

  • Lips

Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer. These lippys are fantastic. One swipe of the colour is enough, the longevity of their wear is really impressive. I’ve got Poppy Pop, Berry Pop and Cherry Pop. I quite often pair Berry Pop with my Hema intense gloss number 5 it becomes this burgundy rich texture that packs the colour on and lasts near enough all day.

  • Face

This year I’ve discovered facial oil. Who would have thought putting Oil on your face would 1) combat dry skin and 2) not clog pores. I first got on to the idea with the Body’s Oils of Life but found the smell far too over powering, the texture too oily and the price a little steep. Instead I picked up this Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum for about £4. It goes on dry and soaks in well and then the moisture seems to come out from within plus there is no strong smell.

Garner Miceller Water – I tried the loreal water and wasn’t that impressed but after reading so much about the Garner one and the fact that I still needed a decent makeup remover I thought I’d give it a go. It is brilliant. I couldn’t do without it now. Even my waterproof eyeshadows are no match to it.

  • Hair

Whilst in Spain I picked up a spray in conditioner. I’ve spoken about it before and even now I’m back home I use it. The fact that its a spay is great, it doesn’t lie heavy on our hair and works a bit like an adults version of detangle spray. It’s fantastic.

  • Eyes

As a liner wearing diva most days I have battled to find liquid liner that lasts, thats easy to use and one that doesn’t run. Hence the discovery of waterproof eye products. Collection’s extreme liner is the best I’ve EVER used. I’ve tried liquids, gels, felts, pencils, crayons you name it but this one is a) highly pigmented meaning one stroke is pretty much enough b) firmly pointed so precision is on point c) having a felt-tip-like tip means that colour is continuous and d) it comes in a number of colours I wear it in black most days but I have it in bottle green too. The green one does seem to last a little longer than the black and can be stubborn to remove but thats what I want from a liner, not one which will run or fall out under my eyes!

The second product I wanted to mention was the Maybeline Colour Tattoo 24 Waterproof eyeshadow, possibly the best paint pot I’ve ever used. I’ve got it in Bronze and Cranberry. It literally does not fade or melt at all.



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