Twelve Days of Christmas – The last one – This Christmas


To quote the wonderful Miss Leona Lewis:

5 more nights of sleeping on my own
4 more days until you’re coming home
3 more wishes I can barely breathe
If I can make it to Christmas Eve then it’s one more sleep

Not only have we made it to Christmas week but we’ve made it to the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge. I’d like to thank Steph for introducing this too me, I have loved reading all of your posts and would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Gosh, what am I looking forward to this year. I haven’t really given it much thought to it being so busy with one thing and another which is why, as lame as this is going to sounds, I’m looking forward to having a open diary this christmas. I haven’t have the 2(ish) week holiday for Christmas since I was 14. Having worked weekends and occasional week nights since I was 15 I have always been working at Christmas. Currently I work in an office which does close for the holiday but until last year I have always worked in retail which NEVER shuts and reluctantly does so on Christmas day. So this year, I am going to very much enjoy closing the office door on the 21st and not darkening the door step until the New Year!



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