Twelve Days of Christmas – Childhood Christmas Present

I happen to think that I had one of the best childhoods growing up in the 90s. It was before the technology revolution where xboxes and iPads became all then rage, telefon-sony-ericsson-ph388-sosnowiec-75418352toys where toys. I had meccano, barbies, books, my first mobile phone (a sony ericsson ph388 with an areal might i add! I even had the case thats on the photo too!). Most of my childhood presents would be over looked or laughed at nowadays by ‘the youth of today’ – i’m actually turning into my grandad coming out with lines like that!

In terms of my most memorable present I talked about that with Thomas in my Childhood Memory post. That’ll serve me right for not reading ahead. I remember having Barney the dinosaur one year. I loved Barney!

One most memorable present was the Pocahontas Grandmother Willow Money box. Oh my gosh I thought it was magical. The tree spoke to you “my bark is worse than my bite child”. Its actual face moved as it spoke. I was mesmerised by Pocahontas as a child, hands down my favourite disney movie of all time (closely rivalled by Marry Poppins but I think of them in different categories as this one as Pocahontas is animated) Β this money box was THE one. I’ve managed to find a picture of one after a quick google search and its pretty horrific don’t ya think?! I wish I still had it! I loved it!



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