Twelve Days of Christmas -An English Tradition

Fox hunting is a sport in the UK which dates as far back as the 15th century and involves the chasing and killing of a fox by horseman with a pack of hounds. This centuries old tradition has come under much debate with the ethics and brutality of the sport being questioned.

*disclaimer: this is my opinion, not one of which I plan to force on you. If youย don’t want to read my views then carry onย scrolling ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

The Hunting Act 2005ย 2012

In 2005 fox hunting (the hunt of a wild animal with a back of dogs) was made illegal inย England and Walesย by the creation of the Hunting Act 2005. A ban on hunting in Scotland had been passed in 2002; however, hunting in Northern Ireland still remains legal.

The Hunting Act 2005 doesn’t just protect foxes but ย any mammal living in the wild and any wild mammal bred or kept in captivity and then released with the exclusion of rats and rabbits.

So how do they get around it?

Fox hunting whether you’re for or against it still goes on only this time it is to exercise the dogs following a pre laid route through private land.

My Christmas Tradition

Every boxing day me and my family go to our local hunt and the atmosphere is fantastic. I suppose you could say I am pro-hunting but I don’t really know if thats true. I love the tradition of a boxing day hunt but I enjoy it knowing its a pre run route and that the intention isn’t to kill any and every fox in the wild. I do however believe that foxes are pests and we shouldn’t encourage them into our towns and cities. Every year we hear stories in the summer of foxes killing children or making farmers lives a misery. If someone wants to save foxes i.e. support the hunting ban, whats the difference between those who are exempt such as rabbits and rats. Rats spread diseases just like foxes, nobody wants to be over run with rats. Personally I think the argument works both ways. So yes, I am pro-hunting but thats my choice, you should make up your own mind.

Back to the task in hand. Christmas Tradition. I’m offering the stunning Downton-esque photos of the Boxing Day Hunt.



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