Twelve Days of Christmas – Childhood Memory

Christmas as a child was always a magical time and I like to think that we’ve maintained the family magic as everyone has grown up. I don’t have a big family so our christmases are nothing like the movies but that doesn’t mean they aren’t special.

In my 22 christmases to date we have never spent one apart and this year won’t be any different. Here are some of my childhood memories of the festive period.

I remember my first crying doll. When you picked him up he actually giggled, if you would lie him down he actually cried. I called him Thomas and he had his own crib.

This one time we had EVERYONE over for Christmas dinner and I remember my dad made an extension to go on top of the dinning table to make it twice the size with a raised platform in the middle. It was incredible and we only used it once but it lived in our garage until we moved house nearly 10 years later!

One Christmas we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner and had curry. A great alternative to the Turkey overdose.

Every year I would put a drink, a mince pie and a carrot out for Santa and Rudolf and this one year we had snow and when I got up on Christmas morning there where ‘snowy’ footsteps to the back door (Santa’s magic key opened our patio doors because we didn’t have a chimney obviously!)

Christmas as a kid was great but the process of growing up and being a part of the planning and the cooking is way more fun!


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