A Year in Review pt.1 – Movies, Books and Music

December brings about it time for reflection and the incentive to look ahead to the new year. I’ve had a pretty darn good 2015 and I thought I would share with you a few of my highlights. In this post I am going to give you my Top 5 of the arts. Movies, Music and Books.

Lights, Camera, Action

I’ve got into the rather nice little habit of going to the cinema lots and lots. Tuesdays is ‘Cheap Tuesdays’ at my local picture house (I’m a tight wad a time, I’m not hiding that!) so it means that when something comes out for the price of one full cost ticket I can go to 3 other films! Bargain don’t you think?!

In released date order, because I can’t really pick a favourite.

1# The Imitation Game – I’m not gonna lie I wanted to see this because Mr Cumberbatch was in it. What? You can’t knock a girl! Alan Turning wasn’t a man who had sparked my interest prior to this (in all honesty, because we’re friends I hadn’t even heard of him!) but after watching it I view the War against Hitler in a whole new light. The fight behind the scenes was just as fierce and on the front line and to see the story of an incredibly clever, verging on psychotic, man crack the enigma was ground breaking. Its a shame it came out so closely to The Theory or Everything because every award TTOE won this film deserved too!


2# The Theory of Everything. – A wonderful wonderful film about the story of the most extraordinary man. Stephen Hawkins is a fighter and a trooper. The movie that shows his life struggles and the strength of his wife and family was stunning. Worthy of every single award. The film is about Stephen but what I took away from it was the sheer strength of true love and it ginormous amount of love that Mrs Hawkins had for Stephen and how they over came everything in order to live as normal a life as possible. A  story of strength and love.

3# Miss You Already – It strange how a movie that made me cry 3942759897_98790680d3_zlike a b*tch makes it into my top 5 but hey ho my hormones haven’t really been my friend much this year but thats a different and slightly more personal story. Miss You Already is a film about two friends, one gets cancer and dies. Thats not a spoiler by the way, watch the trailer you know she’s gonna die. I cried like a baby. I’ve seen what Cancer can do and Toni and Drew played out the story with such sincerity and respect it made it more believable and so much more intense. Cancer is shit and I can’t imagine the pain of loosing your best friend in the way these girls loose each other. Brilliant film but take chocolate and tissues. You will need them if only to fake a runny nose to hid the tears or for a packet to fiddle with when they shave he hair off.

4# Suffragette – I have spoken about this movie before. Its a movie I believe in, its a fight I support. The film was everything i hoped and so much more and quite possibly the catalysis or at least the push i needed to embrace my feminist views and take ownership in my hopes and dreams of spreading equality of opportunity to the world.

5# Spectre – As if this wouldn’t have made my top 5. HELLO! Massive Bond fan and film number 24 did not disappoint. Spectre is Bond back at his best, as opposed to Skyfall where you see his weaker side, nobody got time for that, we love James because nobody ever beats him, we don’t like to see him working below par. In Spectre he’s on top form and the cut of those suits, my oh my!


Testing, Testing, One, Two

On to my most loved albums of the year.

  • Meghan Trainor – Title

Could I have a night on the tiles with this one? I love her style, her sass, and the fact that every song has a ukulele in it is a winner for me. Check out: Bang Dem Sticks, Walk of Shame, What if I, Title, Credit.

  • adele contourAdele – 25

I love Adele. I have some many amazing memories tied to every single one of her songs and not in the sad and depressing ex boyf way but in the drunken late night karaoke way where I embrace my inner Adele in mind, body and spirit. 25 is another incredible album, not that I was expecting anything less its breaking EVERY single record at the moment too. My faves include: When We Where Young, Remedy, A Million Years, Water Under The Bridge, Hello, Love in the Dark…basically EVERY SINGLE SONG.

  • Brooklyn Duo

Now I’m not gonna lie I saw these guys on a sponsored advert on Facebook but WOW. The are a piano and cello playing couple (already a winning combination in my book) playing instrumental versions of chart music. I love me a good instrumental but the arrangements these guys put together is just breath taking. Check out: Bad Blood, Empire, Young and Beautiful. Their albums on spotify over dinner is the best!

  • The Overtones – Sweet Soul Music

I love the Overtones, have every single album and I love soul music. Perfect combinations right? Have you heard: Giving Me Soul? I love the deepness of Lache’s voice, in this song its just sumptuous. And Sweet Soul Music makes me think of Dirty Dancing which has be dancing around my kitchen every single time!

  • Olly Murs – Never Been Better

With this album he has genuinely never been better. I love Olly, I’ve got all his albums and know pretty much every single word to every single song. I haven’t been watching him present the X Factor this year, I’ve heard he’s not the best but he’s a cheeky chappy with a kind heard and this album is fantastic! Have a listen to: Did you miss me? Cant Say No, Us against the world and Ready for Love.

Chapter One…

I’m still not reading a a decent pace and it is purely down to a lack of time but I am making much more of a conscious effort these days and have ready a few books this year.

⊗ The Dinner by Herman Koch – A dutch translated book, easy to read in terms of language, a few slight translation issues but nothing major. A good book with some sickly twists that come from nowhere. A thin line between peaking too soon in terms of ‘boom theres the punch line and heres the last page’ and going on for ages before the nitty gritty comes in. Good book worth a read to any Dutch obsessors like me.

Finishing a good book - day5 The Hourglass Factory by Lucy – Set in 1912 its a story of suffragette London, corset fetishism and circus freaks. Cracking book brought on a whim but would definitely recommend to anyone after a fictional (with a lot of fact) read. To put this story into contact it runs alongside the well known big event making it a very believable tale.

⊗ Private India by James Patterson – I love the speed at which I can read James Patterson. He says so much and sets the scene so perfect that I can fly through the pages. More often than not it means that I can ‘solve the case’ before the story does but i put that down to the hours of my life i devote to Sherlock (*insert winky face*). Private India is part of the wider ‘Private’ series but you can read this one as a stand alone no problem.

I_call_myself_a_feminist_edited_1⊗ I Call Myself a Feminist – I am currently working on a load of stuff this book. I love it and think that EVERYBODY, male or female should read it. I think it should be read in school assemblies, put into magazines, toured on stage. If you can’t tell already I’m excited by this book. Watch this space for and in-depth review and my follow up discussions about some of the many topics raised within its pages.


So there we have it. Check back in next week for the second half of My Year in Review!



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