Twelve Days of Christmas : Favourite Christmas Tradition

Its Day 2 on this months 12 Days of Christmas I’m talking about Christmas traditions. I should probably point out here that I am a fan of Christmas and everything that comes with it.

I have about 3 favourite traditions.

  • Wrapping presents with my mom. We usually commander the living room floor, stick on the Christmas tunes and giggle away. Its something we’ve done for as long as I can remember. I should point out that at this stage my Dad disappears, I should also point out that this is the night I have to wrap his present for Mum too of which he finds out what it is on Dec25!
  • IMG_8821Eating my first Mince pie. I abstain from mince pies until December 1st. Not only is this a great way of keeping the calories down in the run up to christmas nothing beats a pot of tea and your first mince pie!!
  • Christmas music. I love carol concerts and singing by candlelight, it makes me happy and I think it makes people happy. I’ve never seen a sad person singing Away in A Manger! I’m not a religious person and I don’t go to church as a regular but the music and the warmth that surrounds christmas makes me feel amazing! I’ve got more than a handful of carol concerts this year and I get to go to them for work (yep, best job in the world) but the one I’m looking forward to the most is the one Christmas week with my friends, in a small remote church thats cold and light up by candles. We do this every year and I always look forward to the mulled wine afterwards.


p.s. Can we class Elf as a tradition yet?  It came out in 2003 so it is  12 years old thats  basically a tradition in my eyes!


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