Twelve Days of Christmas

You know the song, or at least you bop along to the tune until “FIVE GOLD RINGS”.

This year thanks to the lovely Steph (Hi Steph!) I’m doing the 12 Days of Christmas Blogging. I love this time of year for blogging, my ‘normal’ life is so busy yet I still make time to blog. I think thats what makes me productive – running around like a headless chicken yet I’ll have time to write crap. I was exactly the same last year!

Anyway, join us if you can.

Day 1 – List your favourite things about Christmas

  • Glitter
  • Music – especially carols
  • The smell – Christmas has its own smell, its a heady mixture of cinnamon, cloves, pine and candles. I wish we could bottle it. In all honest I tend to put cinnamon on everything anyway, porridge, normal cake, coffee etc.
  • Social Events – Everyone gets together and makes and effort to do so at this time of year. Feeling the love all around.

I’m rocking this list every other day. So check back on Thursday for my favourite christmas traditions.

12 Days of Christmas .jpg


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