Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

As behind the times as I may be myself and a few friends are embarking on the 100 Happy Days Challenge (#100HappyDays) across the blogosphere, twitosphere and instagram-osphere (is that a thing? Tis now!).

This mean we will be blogging, instagraming and tweeting. I hope you can come along with us for the ride.

The next 100 days will take us through the festive period (you can  expect a lot of glitter in my posts), into the new year and almost to the start of spring. How wonderful.

Follow me on instagram @mariavictoriasmith , on twitter @mariavsmith_ and of course here at

Others taking part in the challenge:

Charlene   ||  Instagram: @charspillane  || Twitter: @charspillane

Théa  ||  Instagram: @taytay275


Get involved, join us in sharing the happiness and spreading a bit of joy in our daily lives. If you want to get involved just comment your name, blog details, instagram and twitter and we’ll all share the love! Or tag in my hashtag #100HappyDaysMVS, I do like being nosey and would love to share your happiness.

#100HappyDays #100HappyDaysMVS



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